Is CRM Software really increase sales?

For a couple of decades now, business technology pundits have told us we needed a CRM application. IT staff have convinced executives that their companies couldn't live without one. CRM developers have asserted theirs is the best, with a broad variety of supporting arguments. Yet at the same time, sales forces have continued to complain that CRM, for them, is an overbearing administrative burden.
But as we all know Sales Persons holds an important role in an organisation. We cannot let them waste their valuable time in data entry(admin tasks). There are several apps with with we can make the sales management easier without burdening the sales people. As they say "we can achieve more complex things easily with tools". I can suggest a tool for making the sales person increase his sales by spending more time on sales prospects with an digital sales app ( Also you can find more convincing and useful tools and suggestions in [] and []