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Q: Is California a red state a blue state or a swing state?
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Is Hawaii a red blue or swing state?

It is a Blue state with a Republican Governor.

Is California a red or blue state?

It is a blue state but California should never be taken for granted about anything,

Is North Carolina a red or blue state?

Historically Red No, actually it's a swing state that has fluctuated but mainly been blue leaning.

Is Ohio a red state or blue state?

Neither, Ohio is considered a swing state when it comes to political elections.

Why is Iowa called a 'swing state'?

Iowa is a called a "Swing State" (aka Battle Ground State) because no single candidate or party has overwhelming support in securing that state's electoral collegevotes. Iowa (along with Ohio) is considered neither a Red State or a Blue State, but a Purple State.

Is Colorado a red or blue state?

Colorado is considered a purple state. This is because it is a swing state and has gone Democratic and Republican. The state has not overwhelming majority for either party. vote for democrates

Is Delaware a red or a blue state?

Until 2000, the state was a swing state and for 50 years always voted for the winning candidate. Since then, it appears to have become dominated by the Democratic party.

Is Idaho a red state or a blue state?


Is maryland a red or blue state?

Its a blue state!

Is Alabama a blue or red state?

a red state

Why is the candidates airing so many ads in these states compared to the other states?

The candidates aired much more ads in swing states than in other states. There are states that are traditionally red (republican) or blue (democratic). However, some states switch between red and blue from time to time, such as Ohio or Florida or Virginia. Candidates push for swing states because they try to win those electoral votes. For example, in the 2012 election, Romney and Obama constantly bombarded Ohio with political ads. However, states such as California or Alabama were typically left alone. This is because Ohio was a swing state and could go either way when it came to election, and California is a blue state while Alabama is a red state. When it came down to election night, Obama ended up winning Ohio.

What does being a red or blue state means?

Red State is a Conservative or Republican State. A Blue State is a Liberal or Demacratic State

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