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Yes. We've been granted autonomy but as I understand it the qween can take it back if she wants.


No the Queen cannot take back away Canadian independence. We are an independent, self governing country. We have our own constitution, military, government etc. The Queen is largely a figurehead and plays no active role in our affairs.


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Is Canada still ruled by Britain?

No. Canada is self-governing. Canada is part of the Commonwealth of Nations and Canada's monarch is the Queen of England.

Is Canada a commonwealth country of England?

No, Canada is not a part of EnglandYes, Canada is a member of the commonwealth.

Is Canada part of England?


Was Canada part of the world when the thirteen colonies were?


Does Canada still belong to England?

no. Canada is an independent country but once under France.

Did Canada trade Saskatchewan for North Dakota?

No, Canada did not trade Saskatchewan for North Dakota. Saskatchewan is still part of Canada and North Dakota is still part of the United States.

Can the queen of England take back control of Australia New Zealand or Canada?

England still controls Australia and new zealand, and Canada???

What important things happened in Quebec?

they had a vote on wether it will still be a part of Canada but it is still part of it

Is the US still allied with England?

It is allied with the UK, which England is a part of.

How many hours ahead is england from canada?

England is 2½ hours ahead of Newfoundland for part of the year.

Did Canada fight in both world wars from the beginning?

Yes , Canda fought on both sides because it was then still part of the UK and had Royal ties to it so when England entered the war so did Canada.

How long does it take to travel from England to Canada?

It is about a 9 hour flight depending on what part of Canada you are flying to.

Why is Canada a separate country?

Because it's part of the country England

What country borders new England on the north?

It is Canada, it borders Maine which is considered part of New England.

Can Canadian citizen apply a job in England?

Canada is still part of the Commonwealth I believe.You will of course need a work permit but it should be straightforward.Try

How did Canada become part of England?

Canada was colonized by the British, as was America (now the US). It has since gained independence.

What happened when the UK invaded Canada was there a rebellion does Canada have independence now is Canada still part of the empire in some way?

The UK never invaded Canada. Canada is a principal part of the British Empire.

What is the state near Canada apart from the USA?

Alaska is near Canada but is still part of the USA

Is Frigidaire American made?

I just purchased frigidaire refrigerator (made in Mexico, still part of America) range (made in Canada, still part of America) dishwasher (made in canada, still part of America) Come to thik of it, even Peru and Brasil are part of America(South America but still America).

What river runs between Quebec and Canada?

Quebec is still part of Canada, so no river runs between it and Canada

Does Plymouth still exist?

Yes Plymouth is a part of England

What land did England control in 1763?

In 1763, England controlled Canada and the French land east of Mississippi River. Those were some of the territories and colonies that are now part of modern Canada.

How is England similar to Canada?

England and Canada are both ruled by Queen Elizabeth, the Queen of England. Canada has many of the same food products as England.

What is England called now?

It's still called England. However, It is now part of the United Kingdom.

Is Canada ruled by the the queen of England?

No. Canada is an independent country. However, Canada has chosen to remain part of the Commonwealth of Nations and have Queen Elizabeth II as its Head of State.