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Is CarMD vehicle diagnostic tool worth it's price of 99?


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October 14, 2009 10:12PM

CarMD's 99 dollar tester is worth the money for the basic diagnostic tool that it is. You basically hook it up to your car, start the engine...wait for the beeps, and then take it to your computer (or in my case I just take my laptop with me to my car, and use wifi) and connect it up via usb.

Once you've hooked it up to your computer, it'll take you to your CarMD website, where it'll show you what the codes (if any) mean for YOUR vehicle. For most of the codes I've read from my own vehicles, the website will give you the most "likely" causes plus possible fixes (with cost).

The reader wont give you step by step instructions on fixes, nor will it clear lights, it wont really give you any information on a solid fix, just some ideas...but they're a good start. Most professionals will have a more advanced reader, and they'll have access to more information (and experience).

The most useful use for this device is getting a quick indication (red/yellow/green) of your cars major systems. If you're going to buy a used car - take it with you...hook it up, start the car (hopefully), and if you get green, you're likely to be ok, if you get a yellow or red --- you're new(used) car may have issues. Additionally, if you get a yellow or red, and the check engine light is NOT on the car....the car you're looking at might have had it's Check Eng light may have been cut by the dealer to hide problems.

So to answer the question....Yes it's worth the 99 if you're going to be going to a lot of used car lots, not so great if you want more detailed info (or the ability to clear the eng light) --- a more costly scanner is what you really need.