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Q: Is Casey Anthony a position on capital punishment?
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What is the birth name of Casey Anthony?

Casey Anthony's birth name is Casey Marie Anthony.

What is the Casey Anthony trial?

The Casey Anthony trial is the State Vs. Casey Anthony. The trial is deciding whether or not Casey Anthony will be convicted of killing her daughter, Caylee, who was 2 at the time.

Is casey Anthony a devil?

No, Casey Anthony is a human being.

What killed Casey Anthony?

Casey Anthony didn't die yet.

Is casey Anthony alike with any of the Greek Gods?

Casey Anthony is very unlike any Greek god; Casey Anthony is very human.

How old was Casey Anthony when she had Caylee?

Casey Anthony was 19 years old.

Was Casey Anthony's trial with the supreme court?

No, it was the State of Florida vs Casey Anthony.

What does Casey Anthony look like?

There are many pictures of Casey Anthony on the link below.

What is Casey Anthony's nationality?

Casey Anthony is a US citizen. She is a resident of the state of Florida.

What is the punishment for purjury in Casey Anthony trial?

if you are Cindy Anthony there is NO punishment,at least by the court. We can only pray that the gates to heaven remain guarded well, not that she'll make it that far. However I understand the gates to hell are guarded too!! Or possibly she will sit in purgatory

Why did Casey Anthony killed Caylee Anthony?

Since Casey Anthony will not admit that she killed her child or caused her death, we can only speculate.

Where was Casey Anthony born?

Casey Anthony was born on March 19, 1986, in Warren, Ohio.

Does Casey Anthony want another baby?

Casey Anthony has stated that she wants more children.

Where did Casey Anthony go to college?

Casey Anthony did not go to college. She did not get her high school diploma.

How many kids does Casey Anthony have?

Casey Anthony currently has one child whom is deceased.

Where is casey Anthony now?

Casey Anthony is in Warren,Ohio that's where she is from and Ohio is a good place to go.

When was Casey Anthony born?

Casey Anthony was born on March 19, 1986, in Warren, Ohio, USA.

What city does Casey Anthony live?

Casey Anthony is currently living at the Orange County Jail in Orlando Florida.

How tall is Casey Anthony?

Casey Anthony's arrest affidavit dated 9/15/08 states her height as 5'02".

How long Casey Anthony jailed before trial?

Casey Anthony was in jail for 3 years awaiting her trial date.

Was the jury for the Casey Anthony trial been sequestered the entire trial?

Yes, the jury for the Casey Anthony trial was sequestered.

Is Casey Anthony pregnant?

She birthed her now deceased daughter, Caylee, in August 9, 2005. Casey Anthony has been reported saying she would get pregnant to avoid the death penalty. It has not been officially announced that Casey Anthony is pregnant.

Who is the prosecuting female attorney in the Casey Anthony trial?

Linda Drane Burdick was the female prosecutor at the Casey Anthony murder trial.

What if there is a mistrial in the Casey Anthony trial?

There was no mistrial. The trial of Casey Anthony was completed and the jury delivered their verdict on July 5, 2011.

What is Casey Anthony's excuse for not reporting her child missing for a month?

Casey Anthony has never given an excuse for not reporting her child missing.