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Is China cold?


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December 28, 2010 5:11AM

It depends where you are in China, as it is a huge country, and what time of the year it is (summers in most of China are warm to very hot).

In winter, Northern China and Tibet are very cold (in fact, the Northeastern corner of China is colder than most of Canada in winter). Winters in Beijing are about as cold as winters in Chicago or Detroit. Despite the frigid temperatures, Northern Chinese winters are actually very sunny, and there isn't much snow.

Central Chinese winters are cool to mild, with only occasional snow. Winters in Shanghai are about as cold as winters in Seattle (but quite a bit less rainy).

In southern China, it's a bit hard to say. In the mountains of southwestern China, winters are mild to cool, but now very cloudy and almost always without any snow, while in lower southeastern China, winters are warm and humid, like in Florida.

December 21, 2010