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Is China cold?

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It depends where you are in China, as it is a huge country, and what time of the year it is (summers in most of China are warm to very hot).

In winter, Northern China and Tibet are very cold (in fact, the Northeastern corner of China is colder than most of Canada in winter). Winters in Beijing are about as cold as winters in Chicago or Detroit. Despite the frigid temperatures, Northern Chinese winters are actually very sunny, and there isn't much snow.

Central Chinese winters are cool to mild, with only occasional snow. Winters in Shanghai are about as cold as winters in Seattle (but quite a bit less rainy).

In southern China, it's a bit hard to say. In the mountains of southwestern China, winters are mild to cool, but now very cloudy and almost always without any snow, while in lower southeastern China, winters are warm and humid, like in Florida.

December 21, 2010

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Is it hot or cold in China?

is it hot or cold in western china

Who was president in China during the Cold War?

Which China? The cold war had two Chinas.

What climate is china?

hot in the southern of china but cold in the western of china

What is the cold desert in Mongolia and China?

Cold desert in Mongolia and China is Gobi Desert.

What did the USA do to affect the outcome of the war at china in the cold war?

During the cold war, there were two Chinas: Red China and Nationalist China. Which China concerns your question?

Why was the communist takeover of china important to the cold war?

why is the communist takeover of china relevant to the cold war

What type of desert is the Taklamakan Desert?

The Taklamakan Desert is a cold winter desert located in China..The Taklamakan Desert is a cold winter desert located in China.

Is it cold in china in may?

Yes it is cold because its the of u opposite of America cause' of the rotation of the earth so when its hot in America its cold in China

What was Chinas involvement in the Cold War?

There were two Chinas in the cold war. Communist China and Nationalist China (Taiwan).

Is the climate of china hot or cold?

China is both hot and cold since it is kind of in the middle of that whole land in the Eastern part of the world. So for China it actually depends if it will be hot or cold in that country.

Is China often cold?

some times it is and it can get as cold as -46 degrees

Why is the Gobi desert cold?

it is cold in the dessert because it is located to china and normally china ain't that warm answered by INTIZAM ABDI

What did China do during the Korean Conflict?

There were two Chinas during the cold war: Red China & Nationalist China. Which China?

Where is it warm and cold in China?

The north part of China is very cold, such as Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning and the south part of China is very warm, such as Guangdong, Hainan and Hong Kong.

What side did china support in the cold war?

China is a communist country. The cold war was between the western countries and the communist countries. China supported the communist countries.

What is the cold Asian desert?

The Gobi Desert in China and Mongolia is a cold desert.

How was china involved in the cold war?

Red China was an ally of the Soviets. Nationalist China (Taiwan) was ally of the US.

How cold is China in the winter?

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Is China hot or cold?

neither it is a country

How was china affected by the cold war?

China was affected by the cold war because they became communists during that time period. Along with minor cooperations with the Soviet Union, China really didn't do much.

Is china cold enough for snow?

It most definitely is, and it does. Winters are actually rather cold there.

Who become the leader of China during the Cold war?

Mao for Red China, Chang Kai Shek for Nationalist China.

How did the cold war affect china?

China had become a major part of the Cold War and ended up as an ally for the US. The reason for this is the nation's spacious land.

Did the cold war happen before communism in china?

No. There was war in China between communists and republicans before the Cold War, in fact the civil war in China started before World War II even.

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