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no, in fact Chris Brown and Shakira hate eachother. Shakira cannot get along with Chris.

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โˆ™ 2009-11-12 04:15:59
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Q: Is Chris Brown friends with Shakira?
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When is Chris Brown girlfriend?

chris brown doesn't have a girlfriend him and rihanna are just friends.

Chris Brown are you and reyana friends?

are you and reyana friends.

Did Chris Brown date a girl named Natalie?

Chris Brown and Natalie were best friends.

Are bowwow and Chris Brown best friends?

they not best friends but they are good friends

Did Chris Brown Date Keri Hilson?

No Chris Brown did not date Keri Hilson they were just friends.

Is jawan harris and Chris Brown brothers?

No. They are just close friends Chris Brown is like is mentor.

Does Chris Brown have friends that are fans?

No and Yes

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Yes Chris Brown does have a Bebo. Come to my page and click View All friends and search for Chris Brown

Are Rihanna and chris brown friends after that fight?

Rihanna wants to get back with chris, but chris doesnt. So um, theyre not friends.

Did Chris Brown and Rihanna go out?

no, they are just friends no, they are just friends

Is chris brown and shannon brown friends?

no, not apparently. they seriously just met!

Do Chris Brown rihanalove each other?

as friends.

Are Chris Brown and Bow Wow friends?


What deos beyonce's baby look like?

cute go on line it looks like a mix of chris brown and shakira

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associates not really good friends though

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oh yes we are friends from 15 years ago

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No they are just friends..

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No they did not. They are just friends.

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no they are just friends

Why did Chris Brown go out with rihanna?

he likes her they are best friends

Do chris brown and ester dean go out?

No they are just friends.

Are Chris Brown and jordin sparks family?

No they are not. They are just friends.

Does Ester Dean go out with Chris Brown?

They are just friends.