Is Christianity older than the Muslim religion?

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Yes, Christianity is older than Islam, if you consider the timing of the Prophet Muhammad. (570 Mecca - June 8, 632 Medina) The Qu'ran which is the book of divine guidance that came to him through Gabriel the archangel about 610AD. At that time the Qu'ran had been recited, every year till his last year when the Angel Gabriel asked him to recite it twice. The original Qu'ran is in Arabic.

In Christianity the first books (Gospels to be written) were in 65-70AD starting with Mark, then Matthew and Luke about AD and last John about 90AD. It is important to note it was not the apostles Mark, Matthew, Luke and John that wrote these gospels. The first Council of Nicea was in 325AD where they discussed Jesus as Son of God and the Trinity. The first books of the bible were chosen at this time. The two main collections were the Palestinian written in Ancient Hebrew and Aramic and the Alexandrian written in Ancient Greek. The original texts are unknown

However.. if you look the meaning of the word..and not as a Label.
Christian one who follows Christ. Muslim one who submits to the will of God. If you look at it this way. being a Muslim is older because the Prophet Abraham submitted to the will of God. So it depends on the term. But since you asked for religion and practice I would say Christian. I am no expert, just love studying it and learning. It is good to question and reason.
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Why are Muslim Jewish and Christian religions fighting?

Islam doesn't fight anyone. In fact a Muslim is no Muslim unless he believes in Moses and Jesus as prophets sent by Allah to guide people to the right path just as Muhammad (PBUH) is. Islam teaches people how to be tolerant with all other people of all faiths unless they-other people-started war. O ( Full Answer )

Is the Jewish religion older than the Zoroastrian religion?

It is difficult to say. Judaism was heavily influenced byZoroastrianism and the concept of final judgment, heaven and hell,the arch-angels, the concept of an ethnical-uiversal God as opposedto a tribal one came from Zoroastrianism. The general concensus on Zoroastrianism presently is that it isbetwe ( Full Answer )

How much older is Judaism than Christianity?

This question can be answered by establishing the approximate years when the two religions originated: Judaism There are at least three alternatives for the start of Judaism: 1) Abraham Biblical tradition says that Abraham was the first in his line to worship G-d. A midrash of the common era say ( Full Answer )

How many more Christians are there than Muslims?

Based on 2010 statistics: Christians outnumber Muslims by about 700,000,000, or a ratio of 1.5 : 1. Christianity is the world's largest religion by far, with about 2.3 billion followers. Its annual growth rate is 1.3%, or an annual gain of 29,900,000 followers. It is the third fastest growing rel ( Full Answer )

IS Hinduism older than Christianity?

Yes. Christianity started at 0 with Christ, right? However, it appears that Hinduism is thousands of years older- around the same age as Judaism. YES

Is Islam older than Christianity?

Yes, Islam means peace through subission to one God. It is not named after someone or something. Whereas Christianity is named after Jesus Christ (peace be upon him). Look: Christ ianity and Christ ian . Did Jesus obey Gods commands? Yes Did Jesus worship God? Yes So therefore he is a Mu ( Full Answer )

Which religion is older - wicca or Christianity?

Answer Wicca was formed by Gerald Gardner in the 1950's so technically it would be a newer religion than Christianity. However, Wicca is based on very ancient Roman and Norse spiritual beliefs along with some Egyptian and Celtic symbolism and even some Folk Magic. So the parts that make up Wic ( Full Answer )

Is a christian girl allowed by her religion to marry a Muslim boy?

Probably not, most religions are absurd in that way. But i daresay you could find some bible quote or other that one could claim 'supports' similar marriages. It is not difficult to find quotes that could be interpreted to advocate pretty much anything. Answer from Islamic Perspective It is allowe ( Full Answer )

Are christians better than Muslims?

Muslims believe that they are the best & Christians believe that they are the best, it's very difficult to obtain a decisive answer for such kind of questions, but you have to keep in mind that God, the Creator is the only One who will judge between us. wish to abandon such bigoted ideas & instea ( Full Answer )

What are the differences between the religions of Christian and Muslim in the crusades?

Big difference... 1. They were, and still are, completely different religions 2. the main cause of the whole Crusade was the clash between the 2 religions. 3. Simple as this: in those times, the Christians despised the Muslims and vice versa. The Crusades started because the Muslims had ( Full Answer )

What religions are older than Christianity?

Not too many. . Jewish religion. . Hinduism . Zoroastrianism . Buddhism . Daoism . Shintoism . Shamanism . Animism . paganism . and others ...

What religion is older Catholism or Christianity?

Catholicism IS Christianity and has been around since 33 AD. The term Catholic Church has been around since at least 106 AD. If you mean by your question 'What religion is older, Catholicism or Protestantism?' the answer would still be Catholicism. The Catholic Church had been around for about 1 ( Full Answer )

Is there a religion older than Hinduism?

The oldest known living religion is undoubtedly Hinduism which stretches back many thousands of years before any other living religions. However, there are many older and now dead practices that date back even further such as Animism" which is the worshipping of the spirits of dead animals and p ( Full Answer )

Are there more Christians than Muslims in Nigeria?

In general yes but by the tribes no, since the hausa tribe have more muslims(95%) then christains(5%) but the other tribes in nigeria (yoruba, edo, especially igbo) are more christain in high numbers then muslim.

Which is the oldest Muslim or Jewish or Christian religion?

The oldest is Judaism (2000 BCE) Then came Christianity (33 CE) Then came Islam (610 CE) Christianity believes that Judaism is incomplete. Islam believes that Judaism and Christianity are incomplete. (Judaism has no religious doctrines regarding other religions, and follows belief that can be ( Full Answer )

Why are there more Christians than Muslims?

Answer 1 It may be because Christianity started 640 years before Islam. Answer 2 Well, more people believe in Christianity because it is much more easier to practice it than to practice Islam. A true Muslim accepts many restrictions on his likes, dislikes, interests, earning his living, spend ( Full Answer )

Is the religion Christianity more popular or Muslim?

Christianity is believed to have more followers than Islam at present. There are around 2 Billion christians and 1.62 Billion Muslims worldwide, but with the West becoming more and more secular and Islam growing stronger world wide, Muslims may well very soon outnumber Christians.

How are Muslims and christians alike in religion?

Muslims believe in Islam per God Quran revelation to prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Christians believe in Christianity per God revelation of the Bible to Jesus (PBUH). Both religions are alike in that: . Both religions are from the same God, the one and only one God. . Both religions believe in God a ( Full Answer )

Which religion is older Christianity or Judaism?

Judaism is the oldest between the two - Jesus and his disciples were Jews and followed the rituals of that religion. For example, note that they journeyed to Jerusalem to observe the Passover. which Christians commemorate in Holy Week.

Why are Muslims better than Christians?

A: Muslims see the good in other Muslims and believe them to be betterthan Christians. Christians see the good in other Christians andbelieve them to be better than Muslims. Comparisons like this meannothing and prove nothing. The best Muslim and the best Christianare those who try to see the good ( Full Answer )

Can a older Christian man date a younger Muslim woman?

There are two issues here: the age difference and the different religions. If you would not see a problem with the older Christian man dating a young Christian woman of the same age, then the age difference should not be a problem. Some Muslim communities frown on young people dating at all, even ( Full Answer )

Are Christians more peaceful than Muslims?

The answer to that would be too subjective to be meaningful. With billions of each group across millennia, abundant examples of both pacific and hostile behaviors can be found. It can be said that while Jesus preached and practiced nonviolence (with a possible exception for rope-whipping the moneych ( Full Answer )

Why is religion a cause of conflict between Christians and Muslims?

It is a characteristic of proselytising monotheistic religions for followers to believe so firmly in the truth of their faith that they feel it quite wrong to find others who believe equally firmly in a different faith. The conviction that those who follow another religion are at best foolish and il ( Full Answer )

Is religion older than science?

Many "religions" have come and gone throughout history. In a sense, religion developed as an explanation of the unexplainable. But, as we have better explanations for things, it is slowly being replaced by the scientific method. Science and technology are intimately linked, as science essentially ( Full Answer )

Is there more christians than muslims?

Yes, there are more Christians than Muslims in the world. Both religions are the largest population religions in the world. Muslims account for around one fourth of World population while Christians account for around one third of world population.

Why are Christians luckier than Muslims?

Christians have assurance of salvation; 1John 5:11 The testimony is this: God has given us eternal life,and this life has its source in his Son. 1John 5:12 Whoever has the Son has this life; whoever does not havethe Son of God does not have life. 1John 5:13 I am writing this to you so that you may ( Full Answer )

Was Christian more than a religion?

Yes. Christianity is a religion, but it's the only thing that resist on faith and having Eternal life and believing Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.

Is the Catholic religion or Christian religion older?

Catholicism is only another form of Christianity, like Lutherian or Baptist. So Christianity is the base religion here, therefore there is no way Catholicism can be older than it's base.

Are christians a bigger community than Muslims?

The numbers aren't quite clear some say there are more Christians others say more Muslims both number over 1 billion but what is clear is that Muslims are a faster growing community than Christians. The most recent estimation I have seen is that Muslims number about 1.38 billion while Christians num ( Full Answer )

Which Religion is better Muslim or Christian?

which ever one you think is better but you can't read a book about it then think you are Muslim or Christian you have to believe in what they believe. so both of them are good.

Why did the Muslims allow the Jews and the Christians to continue their religions?

Islam says that Christians and Jews have in their holy books statements clearly stating that they have to follow Islam when it comes to life. Everybody is invited to Islam, but there is a "golden rule" in Islam is that nobody should be forced to believe in something. So, to answer the question ( Full Answer )

Is there an older religion than the Hebrew religion?

Another answer from our community: Judaism is the Hebrew religion. Prior to Judaism, it was directcontact with God himself through prayer and sacrifice forrepentance for sin. Another answer: On the contrary, Judaism is based on a direct relationship withGod. Prior to that, it was paganism.

When did the developers of Christian and Muslim religion do their work?

Answer 1 It's difficult to say given the difficulty of defining "developers". In Christianity, while Jesus is certainly central to the meaning of the Church, he is not central in the creation and organization of the Church (especially when it was founded in Rome). Jesus lived from around 5 B.C. ( Full Answer )

What do you recommend to students about the religions of Christians and Muslims?

I think that all religions are important to us. I am a Muslim and i support ISLAM so it will be better if u would teach students that not to make fun or abuse other religions.We all are brothers in this world and our final decision will be announced on the day of judgement. _________________________ ( Full Answer )

Why do Muslims consider their religion an extension of judaism and Christianity?

Islam traces its spiritual and ethnic lineage to the patriarch Abraham through Ismael, the son he had through his slave woman. Ethnic: As the story in Genesis goes, there was tension between Ismael's mother and Sarah, Abraham's wife, throughout the boy's childhood. When their own son Isaac was bo ( Full Answer )

What is the religion of Jesus Christian or Muslim?

Jesus came to build His Church (see Matthew 16:18) which Hisdisciples were called Christian (see Acts 11:26). Islam and its Muslim adherents did not begin until nearly 600 yearsafterwards.

Which is religion older christian orthodoxy or Islam?

Obviously Christianity came first so it is older than Islam. It ispractically as old as 2013 years. Islam came almost 600 years afterChristianity and the Muslims believe that Islam is the finalreligion of God, the final revelations were sent down upon MuhammadPBUH. And Islam considers that Judaism a ( Full Answer )

How were religions other than Judaism and Christianity treated by early Muslims?

Answer 1 They were treated with tolerance. Islam believes in peacefulco-existace with all humans belonging to any religion as long asthey don't create trouble for the Muslims. Answer 2 It depended on the size of the religion (in terms of how manyadherents it had). Smaller religions, especially p ( Full Answer )

Are Judaism and Christianity older than Hinduism?

Hinduism is over 3700 years old, so it is certainly older thanChristianity, which is around 2000 years old. With Judaism is getsa little trickier. If Abraham is seen to be the founder of Judaism,then Judaism is 3800 years old and might be older than Hinduism. Ifanything else is seen as the founding ( Full Answer )

When will Muslim religion become greater than christian religion?

No one can easily predict what happens in future. All ourspeculations and calculations may prove wrong if Almighty Allahwishes otherwise. Even if the Muslims grow more in number than theChristians, what will they be able to do? All Arab states can'tface a small country like Israiel. Numbers don't ma ( Full Answer )