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According to the website, there had been claims that hip-hop/R&B star Ciara was born a man and is either a transvestite or underwent a sex-change operation to become a transsexual. Not true. She did, however, state that she was gay on BET

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โˆ™ 2006-09-01 20:28:57
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Q: Is Ciara lesbian or really a man?
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Is Ciara a lesbian?


Is Ciara really was born half a man because she looks to pretty to be born half man is this true?

No way!

Did ciara really have a baby?

Yes, Ciara has a son.

In the song diva is Beyonce really ciara?

no beyonce and ciara do not look alike and ciara dance diffrent

Can man marry to lesbian?

If lesbian wants to marry man.

Is Ciara bravo a lesbian?

He'll yeah she kisses ashley argota all the time

Was Ciara born a man?

yes ciara was born a manPeople Say she was But i don't think So......

Can a lesbian marry a gay man?

Legally, sure. Not really sure how healthy of a relationship that is.

How do a lesbian kiss a lesbian?

just like a man kisses a woman or a man kisses a man.

Was the singer ciara born a man are woman?

Ciara is not a man. She was born 100% female. It was a rumor.

She says if she wasn't lesbian she would have a go with me How can I make her think that is what she really wants?

She is being kind. If she is indeed lesbian se will not want a relationship with a man. Move on.

Are Ciara and Lala related?

No, Ciara and Lala are not related. They are just really good friends.

Is Hillary Clinton really lesbian?

This issue is really funny. NO. Hillary Clinton is not a lesbian.

WHO is ciara mom?

man is it Hannah

Who is Ciara's mom?

man is it Hannah

What does that mean She's lesbian but I am a guy it seems she's crushing on you?

If she's really a lesbian, then she can might be able to have a man-crush on you (also called a "bromance"), but not an intimate or romantic crush.

Is ciara a man and did she confess it?

No Ciara is not and was not a man, ever. There were rumors that she allegedly went on Oprah, and said she was a man, not true. She also announced that she would reward anyone with proof of her being male.

What is ciara deepest secret?

she is a man apparently

Did Ciara have a baby?

i really dont now

Is the singer Ciara really 5'9?

Yes , she is .

You are a man and you are lesbian so therefore lesbians like girls and you are man so you are a man who likes girls Is this correct?

Men are Gay not Lesbian. Women are Lesbian, and Bisexuals like both Men and Women.

Is Serena Williams a lesbian?

No, Serena Williams is not a lesbian. She is married to a man.

Do ciara and 50 cent go out before?

yea they did but come on ciara she pretty and all but peoples sayin she a man

Do you now if Jay-Z likes ciara?

jay-z does not like ciara why would he like her if she use to be a man and

Is Tila Tequila really a lesbian?

She has never claimed to be lesbian. She is bisexual.

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