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Is Confucianism a superior religion over Hinduism?


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No religion is superior than another. It depends on the individual assessing the religions. All religions lead to the same Goal. Just as all roads used to lead to Rome. The best road depends on where you are starting from.

Hinduism is the oldest religion and the most diverse. It contains teachings comparable with Confucianism such as that one should do one's duty selflessly and serve ones parents and society and be in harmony with the divine. Yet it also contains teachings and paths comparable with all the other world's religions. So in that sense Hinduism is supreme as it contains Confucianism. After all the Indian name for Hinduism is Sanatana Dharma which means 'Original or Ancient or Eternal' 'Religion or Duty or Practise of Truth' thus taken in its broadest sense really it includes all genuine religions.