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Q: Is Connie Talbot mothers alive
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Is Connie Talbot's father dead?

No, Gavin Talbot is alive and well. He is very supportive of Connie, Mollie, and Josh.

Is Connie Talbot alive?

Yes she is shes only 11

How do you get intouch with connie talbot?

how to get intouch with connie talbot

What is the birth name of Connie Talbot?

Connie Talbot's birth name is Connie Victoria Elizabeth Talbot.

Who is connie talbot father?

Connie Talbot's father is Gavin Talbot.

When was Connie Talbot born?

Connie Talbot was born on November 20, 2000. Do the math to answer various birthday and age questions about Connie Talbot.

How to contact connie talbot?

You can contact Connie Talbot on her official YouTube channel.

What is Connie Talbot's birthday?

Connie Talbot was born on November 20, 2000.

How do you contact Connie Talbot?

Many of the questions about Connie Talbot on have links to her forum where there is a contact Connie email.

Does connie talbot have a baby sister?

No, she doesn't. Connie has an older sister, Mollie Talbot

What is Connie Talbot's middle name?

Her full name is Connie Victoria Elizabeth Talbot.

Is Connie Talbot good at school?

Yes, Connie Talbot is a very good student.

What connie talbot's email?

Connie Talbot's e-mail address is

Does Connie Talbot have any siblings?

Yes. Connie Talbot does have siblings. She has two, Mollie and Josh.

Where is Connie talbot's home address?

Connie Talbot's home address is Streetly, West Midlands.

Where is Connie talbot's school now?

Connie Talbot's school is situated in her hometwon, Birmingham, England.

What grade connie talbot now?

Connie Talbot is currently in the seventh grade, in her home town.

Connie talbot email?

Connie Talbot has an official page on Facebook and is on Twitter. Her email address is not listed on her Facebook page. Connie Talbot has an official web site with a link to send her a message.

Where in England does Connie Talbot live?

Connie Talbot lives with her family near Birmingham in the West Midlands.

Does Connie Talbot have a dog?

Connie has a Westie she named Minty.

What is Connie Talbot's official YouTube channel?

The Link to Connie Talbot's official You Tube channel is provided below.

When was Connie Talbot's Holiday Magic created?

Connie Talbot's Holiday Magic was created on 2009-10-13.

When was Connie Talbot's Christmas Album created?

Connie Talbot's Christmas Album was created on -20-08-06.

What is the link to see Connie Talbot's final show in BGT?

See related link. Connie Talbot's final on BGT 2007.

Where is Connie Talbot's dad?

Connie Talbot's Dad supports Connie in all of her activities as a father should. Connie lives with her father, mother, sister and brother near Birmingham in Midlands of the UK.