Is Criss Angel a fake?

He's no more a fake than any other illusionist. Yes, a lot of his tricks involve, well, trickery, but he uses no camera manipulation and minimal plants in the audience.

criss angel is really good at making it look real.

He uses camera manipulation all the time just youtube it. I watched a video where u can tell his audience is not there and then suddenly there again when the trick is being done.


The fact is, he is a real human. However, it is obvious to the minds of normal people that he is an illusionist for TV. He does have some illusions that can work on people in person, but most of his big stuff is stuff that editors work on. No, he cannot fly or do anything many people think he can do. It is for entertainment purposes. Most of the "real audience" you see are paid actors. It is like watching a movie or show, it needs editing and they will edit parts to make it appear real to the gullible. With that said, he's a real human, but also a real entertainer making a lot of money entertaining people. His illusions are real illusions. Though, they're not things he can do in reality. This is fact.


He is an illusionist. An AMAZING one at that, but still, he does not have magical powers.