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Is Croagunk good in Pokemon Diamond?

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Not until you evolve it. Then, it is still not good, but more attractive in trades. It is good when it leads Belch at Level 37, but it would already be a Toxicroak.

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When does croagunk evovle in Pokemon diamond?

croagunk evovles at level 38 or 37

Pokemon Diamond when does croagunk evolve?

Croagunk evolves into Toxicroak at level 37

Pokemon diamond what level does croagunk evolve?

Croagunk(poison type) evolve at 37 into, the sneaky, Toxicroak.

How do you evolve croagunk on Pokemon diamond?

Croagunk evolves when it reaches level 34. So just train it.

How can you catch croagunk in Pokemon diamond?

The Great Marsh OR trade with Platinum.

Brock's current Pokemon in diamond and pearl?

sudowoodo, croagunk, and happiny.

What is the croagunk sign in Pokemon Platinum for?

the symbol Pokemon of pastoria is croagunk as shown in the Pokemon episode diamond and pearl #082 cream of the craogunk crop. since croagunk is its symbol they have a sign in pastoria to help you feel as awesome as croagunk by looking like it through the sign in platinum.

Which area do you find Croagunk in the safari park in Pokemon diamond?

look through the telescope and if you scroll around you may find a picture of croagunk

How do you get a croagunk in Pokemon diamond?

Well at the Safari Zone you should be able to find him in there somewhere..

Can you find Croagunk in Pokemon Diamond?

Around route 212 past pastoria city

Is there any stone by which croagunk can evolve in Pokemon platinum?

Croagunk evolves a level 37 into a toxicroak, no stone needed. (Diamond, Pearl, & Platinum games)

What type of Pokemon is Croagunk?

Croagunk is a Poison and Fighting type pokemon.

What is the best move to defeat croagunk on Pokemon diamond?

a flying or psychic move should do the trick.

Where is croagunk in Pokemon Diamond?

Croagunk can be found on Route 212 South, usually at level 24, and also at the Pastoria Great Marsh Game, capping at level 31.

What pokemon do you need to hatch a croagunk?

Once you have a Croagunk egg, it doesn't matter what pokemon are currently in your team- Croagunk will hatch after around 2560 steps. However, a pokemon with the ability Magma Armour or Flame Body will halve this. See Related links. If you mean "What pokemon breed with Croagunk to get a Croagunk Egg?" then you can breed any Croagunk or Toxicroak with Ditto or a female Croagunk or Toxicroak with any pokemon in the Humanshape egg group. See Related link.

What is an easy way to catch croagunk in Pokemon diamond?

1)Catch Him In The Marsh In Pastoria City 2)Trade For Him On Wi-Fi

What is the croaroak doing in vestoria city in Pokemon platinum?

The Croagunk is there because of the Croagunk festival, as seen in one episode of Season 11 of the Pokemon anime called "Cream of the Croagunk Crop!".

What Pokemon don't appear on diamond?

The ones that are exclusive to only pearl and platinum. The Pokemon include croagunk, glamor and purugly, and I think there's another one too

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