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Yes. This is yet another pyramid scheme, and internet searches will reveal the many problems that people have had with the. The Better Business Bureau did report that they had to pay $100,000 to the Attorney General, but the reason was unclear.

Former CyberWize executive Gregg Sturz said: "In addition to the deceptive statements and practices of the Plaintiff its

promotion of an inherently fraudulent pyramid scheme "omits to state a

material fact" when it does not explain to its distributors that the

program is bound to collapse." The mean average income of the bottom 99% of the active Cyberwize

sales representatives was $5.61 per week (before expenses and taxes

are deducted resulting in a significant loss)." CyberWize was also fined $3,000 in 2004 through "Project Biz Opp Flop, a

coordinated attack on misleading and bogus money-making schemes."

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โˆ™ 2008-12-02 03:21:54
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Q: Is Cyberwize of Sarasota Florida a scam?
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