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Yes it is extremely good for you, you burn off body fat!

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cycling it is good for the respiratory system cycling it is good for the respiratory system

If done with due consideration, cycling is always good.

on wii resort there is a cycling game which is excellent!

As a precaution it is good to wear a helmet when cycling.

One can purchase cycling bikes from the local retailers like Walmart and Target. Some specialized cycling stores also offer brand quality cycling bikes at a very good price.

I think it is good for the knees

you need to be able to ride and stay on it that's as good as you can get for beginners.

It's low-impact and a good cardio workout.

The word 'cycling' is the present participle, present tense of the verb to 'cycle'.The present participle of the verb also functions as a gerund (verbal noun) and an adjective.Examples:It's not a good time to buy if the economy is cyclingdownward. (verb)Cycling is a good form of exercise. (noun, subject of the sentence)He trains on a nearby cycling track. (adjective, describes the noun 'track')

The Tarka trail is great for cycling and covers all abilities for kids and adults. Close to Barnstaple.

it is enviromently friendly and is good fun it also makes you very fit!!!

Definitely walking. Trampolining? Well, it actually depends. If you walk every day that's really good for keeping in shape. Cycling is for cardio. Trampolining........ well, I guess they're good for your thighs???? Idk, but if you're busy I reccomend cycling.

A good way to prevent cycling injuries is to get your bicycle custom-fitted. You should also always stretch before and after cycling. Wearing proper shoes is also helpful in preventing injuries.

Cycling uses the largest muscles in the body, including the glutes and quadriceps, as well as the calf muscles, all of which get a good workout and burn calories. Cycling is an aerobic activity, which increases the heart rate and gives the blood vessels and lungs a good workout. Cycling helps reduce blood pressure, burns fat, strengthens the abs, and increases energy, stamina, and well being.

Good exercise, but be careful ... wear a helmet, bring a buddy.

Yes. Of course. It is a good way to burn calories.

Good exercises for cycling training would be core exercises for the mid section, such as sit ups or planks. Leg strengthening exercises such as lunges and squats would be helpful too.

The word 'cycling' is a gerund, a verbal noun; the present participle of the verb 'to cycle'. A gerund performs all of the functions of a noun as the subject of a sentence or clause and the object of a verb or a preposition. Example: Cycling is fun and a good form of exercise.

Cycling is organized under Sports > Misc. Sports > Cycling.

He is awful and has rubbish cadence. Crap bike too.

no but there is this new thing out called driving, its pretty cool

Ectomorphs are good at endurance sports such as cycling and running because they are lean and muscular. Their body type means that they possess an ideal balance between muscles and fat that makes it easy for them to propel themselves forward.

There are a number of places where quality cycling trousers can be purchased. Sites such as Wiggle, Beta Brand, Cycling Sports and Cycling Deal all sell cycling trousers.

Cycling is a good way to get aerobic exercise, but will do little to help with agility. For that you could try using a speed rope or do gymnasitc exercise or yoga for your flexibility.