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It's difficult to answer this because Turkey is such a large country with diverse regions. But Ankara (the capital of Turkey) has very cold winters - the average minimum temperature is around -4oC with plenty of snow. Snow in Cyprus, outside of the mountains, is very rare. So you could say that Cyprus is a warmer country.

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Q: Is Cyprus hotter than Turkey?
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Is Turkey hotter than Cyprus?


Is Spain hotter than Cyprus?

Cyprus is definitely hotter than Spain!

Is Turkey hotter than Portugal?

Turkey is hotter!

Is Cyprus nearer Greece or Turkey?

The Cyprus Island is located in the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea which Turkey has borders with. So, Cyprus is much closer to Turkey than it is to Greece.

What is the island between Greece and Turkey?

Cyprus. ---- Definitely not Cyprus. Cyprus is in the meditterenian sea, which is at the south of turkey. There are more than 12 islands between Greece and Turkey, which are located on the egean sea.

What is the distance from Turkey to Cyprus?

turkey to Cyprus approx.300 airmiles

Is Cyprus closer to Greece or to Turkey?

Cyprus is nearer to turkey then Greece

Which country is north of Cyprus?

It is not a country. It is an area of the Republic of Cyprus occupied by Turkey since 1974. No other country than Turkey recognises that part as an independent country.

Is turkey hotter than Spain?

Yes, it is. In the Mediterranean region of Turkey, temperatures soar to 50°c.

What is the capital of North Cyprus?

There is no capital as it is not a country. It is an area of the Republic of Cyprus occupied by Turkey since 1974. No other country than Turkey recognises that part as an independent country.

Can you see Cyprus from turkey?

Yes it is possible to see Cyprus from Turkey (or vice versa) if it is a clear sky.

Is turkey closed to Cyprus?

Cyprus is an island 250-300 miles west (and a little south) of Turkey.

Where is hotter in may Fuerteventura or Cyprus?


Who is Cyprus divided between?

After 1974 and the crucial war by turkey Cyprus is divided in the greek-cypriot side(the rebublic in cyprus) and the occupied area by Turkey.

Where is Cyprus located?

Cyprus is located between Turkey and Syria.

What happened in 1974 in Cyprus?

Turkey invaded illegally Cyprus

Where abouts in the world is Cyprus?

Cyprus is off the south cost of turkey in Europe

Is Mexico hotter than turkey?

Yes way hotter!your a idiot if u think different Mexico is also a better place trust me!

Island nation South of Turkey?


What country is Egypt south of?

Turkey , Cyprus

Was Turkey part of the British Empire?

No but cyprus was

What was the center of a dispute between Turkey and Greece following World War 2?

The Cyprus dispute is a conflict betweenGreece and Turkey over Cyprus

Is Cyprus's allies with US?

I wouldn't think Cyprus are allies with the US considering the US are allies with Turkey and Turkey with the blessing of the US invaded Cyprus.

Is Cyprus split in two independent countries?

Yes and No. Officially, the Republic of Cyprus is recognized by all countries except Turkey as having de jure control of the entire island (except for the UK bases of Akotiri and Dhelika). However, in 1974, Turkey invaded Cyprus and created the puppet state called the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) which controls the northern third of the island of Cyprus. All countries other than Turkey view this as an unlawful occupation of sovereign Cypriot territory.

Cyprus an island nation in the eastern Mediterranean Sea is divided between Turks and Greeks Is it physically closer to Greece or to Turkey?

Cyprus, which is physically closer to Turkey