Daniel Boone

Is Daniel Boone related to any shockley's?

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Is Daniel Boone singer related to Daniel Boone frontiersman?

no While there may not be any proof of direct lineage, it is likely that Pat Boone and Daniel Boone are relations, like cousins. While I claim Boone Ancestry, I am only first cousin's six times removed (ie generations) to Daniel Boone.

Did Daniel Boone have any honors?

he was the most famous of frontier heroes.

Is Anne Frank related to Daniel Boone?

If you go back far enough, a thousand years or so, yes. But they weren't related by any family tree documentation that exists or could exist.

What was Daniel Boone struggles?

Well he was a great hunter he never had any struggles....

Did Sarah Boone have any sisters or brothers?

Yes... She had one brother named Daniel Boone who was destined to become the most celebrated frontiersman in America

Is President Obama related to David L Payne the head of the boomer movement into the future state of Oklahoma?

No, not that we know of. While there is some evidence Mr. Payne was related to Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett, there is no evidence that he is in any way related to President Obama.

Did Sarah Boone have any particular strengths?

did Sarah Boone have any paticular strengths

Does Sarah Boone have a sibling?

no i do not think Sarah Boone had any children

Are there any attorneys in Philadelphia who specialize in mesothelioma related lawsuits?

Daniel Sterman is an attorney who specialize in mesothelioma related lawsuits

Do you have any suggestions for Log Home contractors?

You can try Daniel Boone Log Homes. They've been providing good quality log homes and cabins to thousands of customers.

Are there any pictures of Daniel Gibson and Keyshia Cole together?

Visit the related link attached for a picture of them together.

Does Babe Ruth have any siblings?

he had six siblings:eva(1893-1957) john daniel(1896-1970) jianna(1897-1925) "boone"(1900-1946) edith*(_ -1975) and rachel jackie(1906-1907)

Does Daniel day Lewis have any brothers?

Does Daniel day Lewis have any brothers

Was pat Boone a Mormon?

Pat Boone is affiliated with a Pentecostal denomination. There's no public record indicating that he ever had any affiliation with Mormonism.

Are there any celebrities with the name Daniel?

Daniel Radcliff- Harry Potter Besides Daniel Radcliffe, there is also "Daniel Craig".

Does Daniel Adair have any kids?

Daniel Adair is a drummer with Canadian band, Nickelback. Daniel is married to Brittany but it appears that they do not have any kids as of June 2014.

What college did Sarah boone go to?

Sarah Boone was an African-American inventor, best known for creating the ironing board. She did not attend any college or university.

Did Daniel Radcliffe have Egyptian girlfriend?

No, Daniel Radcliffe does not have any Egyptian girlfriend

How many brothers does Daniel Radcliffe have?

Daniel Radcliffe don't have any brothers

How many sisters does Daniel Radcliffe have?

Daniel Radcliffe don't have any sisters

Did Daniel have any daughters?

Daniel has a Daughter named Gabriella Sea.

Is their any high speed internet avaliable in Boone County WV ?

I need to find a high speed internet service in Boone County [Madison 25130] WV

How old is Daniel Radcliffe's brother?

Daniel Radcliffe does not have any brothers. He is an only child.

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