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It scares me to think what you're planning if someone answers "yes" to your question. Demerol is a narcotic. Its barely "safe" for adults. The chances of there being a pediatric health professional on here to answer your question is slim to none. Please contact your pediatrician. ~ T

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Q: Is Demerol safe for children?
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Is it safe to take demerol with Tylenol?

if you take Demerol you certainly will NOT need tylenol

Is Demerol safe?

It is when used properly, according to medical advice.

Is it safe to take 2 50mg Demerol?

Outside of any possible side effects, yes. There is almost no problem in taking that much Demerol.

Is it safe to take Tylenol and Demerol together?

I think you'd be better off taking ibuprofen than Tylenol with Demerol, since Demerol is a combined drug that contains acetaminophen already. You should be careful of overdosing, or at the very least call your doctor to find out what a safe dose would be.

I'm allergic to morphine Demerol and codeine what's left?

i am a student and have just been assigned a 92 year old patient with an allergy to demerol and morphine. What would be safe for pain ?

When is it safe to take Demerol after taking 50mg of methadone?

I wouldn't say it's safe because you are talking about very powerful opiates here, but I dont know why you would take Demerol after you took 50mg of MEthadone because it will not really have any effect. Methadone has opiod inhibiting properties and will clog the receptors in your brain, therefore making the Demerol completely useless for the most part.

Is it safe to take Demerol and Prednisone at the same time?

I am taking prednisone and my dentist gave me i guess it's ok since those years in medical school are supposed to teach them about that stuff.

Is it safe give to children?

Many things are safe when given to children.

Are mushrooms harmful to children?

If a mushroom is safe for consumption by anyone, then it is safe for children.

What class narcotic is Demerol?

Demerol is an opiate. I could be wrong but I believe that demerol is a schedule II narcotic.

Is no no safe for children?

no is good for children

Does Demerol have codeine?

no demerol doe not contain coseine

What can you take with Demerol for a fever?

no no Demerol is pain killer

Are ice rinks safe for children?

Ice rinks are safe for the children 10 or older.

Is nux vomica safe for children?

Homeopathic Nux vomica is safe for children as it is potentised

What is stronger Demerol or oxycodone?

From experience if you take the same amount of oxycodone(ex. percocet roxicodone) and demerol, Demerol is stronger.

Are the American Health Calcium Magnesium Zinc Tablets safe for children?

No, it is not recommended to give these to children. There are children-safe tablets available designed specifically for children.

Demerol journey from injection to pain relief to excretion?

dosage of demerol

Is oxycodone and Demerol the same?

No. both are analgesics but Demerol contains meperidine.

Is Meperidine Demerol?

Yes, it's more commonly referred as Demerol.

Can you take Lortab and Demerol together?

Can you take lortab and demerol together?

Are sauna suits safe for children?

Yes, sauna suits are safe for the children, but don't use them in the sauna.

Is LEGO safe for kids?

Yes, they are safe for many children. Smaller children should get duplo sets.

Is Barny and children show safe to your children?


Can you safely take naproxen and Demerol?

can you sefely take aleve and demerol together