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Is Devry University or University of Phoenix a better online university?

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2011-08-11 13:11:49

It probably depends on the person, but in general I would say

they have about the same reputation, since they are both for-profit

Universities. I have worked for both, and I prefer DeVry, but that

doesn't mean it would be the same for everyone. Most for-profit

Universities have a majority of part-time faculty, which makes for

some shoddy teaching at times, because part-time faculty usually

have a lot of teaching jobs, or else another full-time job to try

to pay the bills. But it always depends on the individual

teachers... some excel in spite of the challenges. Some non-profit

Universities have some shoddy teaching as well, because of using a

lot of Teaching Assistants, or because of lazy teachers... that can

happen anywhere.


I would probably go to a community college before I would go to

either one. A Community College is going to be cheaper, and usually

will have comparable programs. However, if that is not an option...

going to school *anywhere* is better than not going to school, and

if you put your mind to it and take responsibility for your

learning you can gain a great education from even the worst

institution... and I definitely don't think either one of those

schools is the worst.


DeVry is better than any community college or state

universities. DeVry is more flexible and professors are hired there

to teach and not for anything else. You learn more at DeVry than

state funded school.

Both have the preferred regional accreditation. Therefore, the

coursework and degree one completes through either institution will

be recognized by all other colleges and universities as well as

employers. You will just have to look at each school, the tuition

and fees, student services available, programs of study, etc., and

choose the one you feel best meets your personal needs, wants, and


Keep in mind that while both schools require a high school

diploma or GED DeVry students must pass an entrance exam including

reading comprehension, arithmetic, basic algebra and a written

essay to gain acceptance. UOP has no entrance exam. Edge: DeVry

DeVry also has prior year employment statistics categorized by

undergraduate major on their website. UOP does not publish

employment statistics for their undergraduates. Edge: DeVry


Both schools are the equally substandard, so it makes no real

difference which you attend. Neither school is accredited by

agencies accrediting real colleges (ex, U of Texas, U of Cal, Cal

state etc). Period.

I used to intern at an HR department for a CPA firm. My

manager's instructions were to search resume databases for degree

mill colleges and to remove them from resumes moving forward in the

selection process.

You will learn nothing from attending these colleges, employers


So don't kid yourself. If you want an education, if you want to

better yourself, if you want your degree to be respected, then

you'll need to go to a real college.

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