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Assuming that you know what a toothbrush and dental floss are and use them, and assuming that you make the occassional trip to the dentist, neither is harmful. The sugar in sweetened sodas, if left unchallenged by dental hygiene, can promote tooth decay. The artificial sweeteners in "diet" soda is proven not to promote tooth decay.

AnswerThe acid in Diet Coke causes tooth decay, regardless, although the acidity in diet coke is less than apple juice/apple cider. Although both will stain your teeth. AnswerThey are both horrible for your teeth, but if you want to choose one then go with the diet coke because it doesn't have as much sugars in it.
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Q: Is Diet Coke or Coke worse for your teeth?
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Is coke unhealthy?

Yes, it is. Diet coke is even WORSE! The coloring effects your teeth and it has acibs and chemicals that are not good for you.

What is worst for your teeth coke or Diet Coke?

Regular Coke but diet is still bad for your teeth

Which is worse Coca-Cola or Diet Coke?

diet coke

Which is worse for you Diet Coke or Regular Root Beer?

Diet coke

What is worse for you diet or regular coke?

Diet Coke is marginally worse.Usually it does not taste as good.

How do you switch to Diet Coke?

You don't, diet anything is giving you a sugar replacement which is bad for you, Did you know your liver lives off of sugar and water, drinking diet coke is actually worse for you and your teeth and gums, just stick with coke, coke zero is fine it still has real sugar in it

What does Diet Coke have in it that is bad for teeth?


Is Diet Coke worse for you than coke?

I don't know so shutup! well YOU are just rude well i have come to the conclusion that diet soda is worse for you because it has a chemical in it to absorb all of the sugar however this chemical is bad and can where away your bones and teeth more than normal soda.

How do different types of Coke such as Diet Coke Coca Cola Coke Zero and Coke with a twist of lime differ in affect your teeth?

the lime probably adds acid and eats your teeth a little bit quicker. The "diet" part just changes the sweetener. coke as liittle bit sugar that can damage your teeth specially when your teeth is sensitive in sugar while coke zero is no sugar.

What type of liquid is bad for your teeth orange juice fruit punch or dark coke?

Dark coke is worse

Is psoriasis caused by diet coke?

Psoriasis is not typically caused by drinking diet coke. However, consuming diet coke can make psoriasis symptoms worse. Psoriasis is commonly caused by a weak immune system.

Is Diet Coke or water better for your teeth?

Water is by far the best.

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