Is Dillan Teagle still in jail now?

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Is rapper mystikal still in jail?

Answer . (January 2004) On January 15th he was sentenced to six years in prison for sexual battery. So which meants he will be free (If he not get early probation) on Jan 14 2010

Is John Q. Archibald still in jail?

Character in a Movie John Q. Archibald is not a real person, butthe lead character in the movie called "John Q." Although the movieis is based on a true story, the film did not deal with the actualsentencing of the lead character.

Is rapper Shyne still in jail?

Yes he is in jail at the moment ... but he is getting released on 10/06/09 .... UPDATE: He is now out of Jail, but he was immediately taken into custody by immigration authorities upon release (he is not a US citizen), and he was deported back to Belize. He is in legal battles to gain entry back ( Full Answer )

Is ti still in jail?

T.I is in jail for a certain reason 1. He was scared that he was going to get killed like his teammate 2. He had guns in his truck 3. the police pulled him over and cheeked his car and saw several guns

Is spm still in jail?

He is still in jail serving a 45 year sentence and he is there because they accused him of rape

Is Raymond Morris still in jail?

If you mean Raymond Leslie Morris from Walsall in the United Kingdom (also known as the Cannock Chase Murderer), the answer is yes, and he was told he would have to stay there.

Is Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter in jail now?

Rubin Carter's attorneys filed a petition for a writ of habeas corpus in federal court, a rarely successful collateral attack on the judgment of a state court requesting federal review of the constitutionality of the state court's decision. The effort paid off; in 1985, Judge Haddon Lee Sarokin ( Full Answer )

Can you help Navy man now retired never told navy he was divorced and remarried and still receiving pension and now scared to apply for medical thinking they throw him in jail?

I'm a Navy vet. . First of all, don't share any unnecessary information that you are not asked for. If you can, talk to a claims rep from VFW or DVA, they will act almost like your "free attorney". These guys know the system better than anyone. Do not deal with the government directly without ( Full Answer )

Which rappers are still in jail currently?

mystikal is still in jail at this time.spm=south park mexican=carlos coy,is serving a 45 year sentence for rape as of 2002. im sure there are others incarcerated as well.

What does Dillan mean?

The male name Dillan means 'like a lion; loyal.' In the UnitedStates, there are fewer than 1,592 people with the first nameDillan.

Is ti in jail right now?

no he goes in march 19 2009 i love my boo ti and im going to hold him down ti and tiny for life

Is Chris Brown still in jail?

no, the judge said he was not quilty.... yes,because he is a freakin woman beater and i dont see why rihanna fell for him in the first place

Is lyfe jennings in jail now?

no lyfe jennings went to jail in 1992 because he possibly shot a gun and refused to take a sobriety test he got out in 2008 and he turned his life around in jail :)

Is Casey Anthony still in jail?

Yes, Ms. Anthony is still in jail. She is brought to the courtroom each day under guard and spends the daily break periods in a cell near the courtroom. She will be released only if and when she is found not guilty of all charges.

Is Kurt napier still in jail and where?

Kurt Napier was discharged (completed his sentence) 8 July 2011. As of that date he became a free man, and further information would be a violation of WikiAnswers Privacy Policy.

Is Jack McClellan in jail now?

I did check on this. McClellan's famous (or infamous if you prefer) publicity campaign pretty much ended in 2008. The website he hosted no longer exists and the domain name is up for sale. All references to him have not existed since then. McClellan was never convicted of a crime, though he receive ( Full Answer )

Is Jeff hardy still in jail?

No, all the charges where droped and he was found not guilty so they let him out

Is Jane Dorotik still in jail?

Tragically YES. Jane is at CIW in California serving a 25 to Life sentence. She has petitioned the court numerous times for the right to test the murder weapon (rope found around Bob's neck) for DNA & been denied. She has another motion coming up to try once again to get the rope tested. Look for he ( Full Answer )

Is soulja boy in jail now?

No He's Not! He Got Realeased Tha Day He Got Caught And Ran With Some Other Ppl.

Is Sky Balla Still In Jail?

Sky Balla is still in jail last I heard. Hopefully he was able to post part of that $1,000,000 bail. He always seems to have good features though. He's got a Thizz Nation CD coming out soon. Back in Dre's day Thizz used to put out quality projects, but lately they have been slumping. Maybe Sky Balla ( Full Answer )

Is Lil' Wayne still in jail?

On October 22, 2009, Wayne pled guilty to attempted criminal possession of a weapon. He is due for sentencing in February 2010 and is expected to receive a one-year jail sentence.

What rappers are in jail now?

T.I., Lil Boosie, & Gucci Mane is all I know of. Lil Wayne is awaiting sentence in Feb. 2010.

Is Jack Venice still in jail?

Yes he is still in Prison. Chris Reid AKA Jack Venice speaks out against his "wrongful" conviction and sentencing on youtube.

Is Alcatraz still a jail?

Technically, Alcatraz is an island. The structure referred to, Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary, was a federal prison. The prison has long since been decommissioned as impractical due to the cost of upkeep. Alcatraz Island is now a national park, and the prison is a museum. It is open to the public and ( Full Answer )

Is yolanda saldive still in jail?

Yes she is still in jail. She has Life imprisonment with the possibility of parole in 30 years (2025).

Is Chuckie Negron still in jail?

According to his mom, Julia Negron's facebook page, as of March 5, 2010, Chuckie is still in jail. Not sure why, or if he got out and returned.

Is ti out of jail or still in jail?

They Said That He Is STILL In Jail. And That He Has A 25 Year Sentance. shut the hell up lying they gave him a year and one day

Is scooter braun still in jail?

Justin Bieber has recently uploaded a picture of him and scooter in japan, clearly he is not in jail, whether he has to be with Justin and has been let out for travelling is still questionable

Is Rod Ferrell still in jail?

He is still in prison in Florida on death row. His death sentence was reduced on appeal to life in prison without parole.

Is o j Simpson still in jail?

Yes OJ Simpson is still in jail he will be there 33years . he will be there 33 years because he murdered his wife and his wife friend Thank You For aking a delightful ?

Is Bruno Mars still in jail?

He NEVER went to jail.He almost did,he had 2.6 grams of cocaian on him,but he paid $2000 and did 200 hours of comunity service to get out.So no need to worry people,he never went to jail,he never will.He did cocain only once,he promised not to do it ever again.So he won't ever go to jail.He is fre h ( Full Answer )

Can someone in jail still get unemployment?

Someone in jail is not eligible for unemployment. To be eligible for unemployment a person must be able and available to seek and accept immediate full time work. If you are in jail and are offered a job, you are not able to start immediately, therefore not eligible.

How do you know if a murderer is still in jail?

i am assuming you should go and check! the best way is to invite him over to your house and see if he shows up! if he does, then most likely he is not still in jail, but then again after you eat a meal with him you may be dead! anyways, if he is still in jail he will not show up at your house. if yo ( Full Answer )

Is Assange still in jail?

No, Julian Assange (as of 3/9/2011) is not in jail. He was released on strict conditional bail by a London court but is still under house arrest as he is appealing the decision regarding his extradition to Sweden to face rape allegations.

Does a jail broken iPhone still work?

yes jailbreaking your Iphone/Itouch will not ever break the devices. the only difference with jailbroken iphone is that you have access to "Cydia" which is an app store made for apps that are not allowed on the Apple App store. I highley suggest using GreenP0isen.

Can you serve probation while you are still in jail?

Yes, you can serve probation while still in jail if you talk withyour judge and they like you lol. Just kidding , but my boy friendserved 30 days because he didnt do his probation so he prettyy muchjust did jail time instead of probation

Is Donald bohana still in jail?

As of 07/24/2012, Donald James Bohana (76) remains incarcerated at the California Men's Colony at San Luis Obispo.

Is Jock Ross still in jail?

No, although Ross was given a life sentence, he was recently released from Long Bay's Industrial Prison.

Is vinnie Vincent still in jail?

No, he probably isn't. He was only in jail for one night when hewas jailed, and if he was arrested again, the news would definitelyspread like wildfire.