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Yes. Disney cruise lines is owned by Walt Disney company. Disney cruise line is located in port canaveral Florida. The president of the cruise line is Karl Holz.

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Who owns Disney cruise lines?

Disney Cruise Lines is owned by the Walt Disney Company - ticker symbol (DIS)

Does carnival corporation own the Disney cruise lines?

Nope! (Thank goodness). It is owned by Disney Corporation which is based in Florida.

Does Disney own carnival cruise line?

No. Carnival Cruise Line is owned by Carnival Corporation

Is Holland America Cruise Line publicly owned?

It's owned by Carnival like all the other major cruise lines!

Is the Costa Concordia part of Carnival Cruise Lines?

Costa Concordia is owned by Carnival Corporation which also owns Carnival Cruise Lines.

Who owns princess cruise lines?

Princess Cruises is owned by Carnival Corporation & PLC. They own several cruise lines such as Carnival Cruise Lines, Holland America, P&O Cruises and several others.

Where is Carnival Cruise Line based out of?

The Carnival Cruise Lines are based in Doral, Florida and is British owned. Ted Arison founded the "line of Fun Ships", Carnival Cruise Lines in 1972.

What is the ticker for Cunard Cruise Lines?

The Cunard Line doesn't have its own ticker symbol as it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Carnival Cruise Lines. Carnival's ticker is CCL.

Which company owns the Princes Cruse Lines?

"Fincantieri and Carnival Corporation built two ships now known as the Princes Cruise Lines. This cruise line is owned by a company called Carnival Cruise Lines. They are based in Miami, Florida."

What cruise lines are owned by norwegian?

Norwegian doesn't really own any cruise lines, that is if you want to include NCL America which is currently sailing just one ship, Pride of America. Norwegian is owned by Star Cruises - the world's third cruise operator. Star Cruises is the premier cruise line in Asia and also used to own Orient Lines in concert with Norwegian Cruise Line.

Where is Carnival Cruiselines based?

The Carnival Cruise lines based was exactly located at 3655 NW 87th Avenue Miami, FL 33178. Carnival Cruise lines is an British-American owned cruise line.

Who owns seabourn cruise line?

Managed by Holland America Lines and owned by Carnival Corp.

Who owns carnivle cruise lines?

Carnival Cruise Lines is a public company owned by its shareholders and traded under the ticker symbol CCL. CEO Mickey Arison owns about 10% of the enterprise.

Is the Disney Cruise the biggest cruise in the world?

No. Allure of the Seas, owned and operated by Royal Caribbean International, is the biggest cruise ship in the world with a length of 1,187.050 ft (360 m) and a beam of 208 m.

Is there a black owned cruise line or ships?

There are probably no Black controlled major cruise lines. However, Blacks own shares of major cruise lines both directly and beneficially. The extent of ownership can't be known because it is illegal to collect such information

What company owns the Carnival Conquest ship?

Carnival Conquest is a cruise ship, on which at least 60% of the state rooms have ocean views. The conquest class cruise ship is owned and operated by Carnival Cruise Lines.

Are cunard cruises owned by Carnival cruises?

cunard are owned by a company called carnival corporation who also own carnival cruises, costa cruises, <a href="http://www.cruise.co.uk/cruise-lines/cunard-cruises/"> cunard cruises </a>, holland america, p&o cruises, princess cruises, ocean village and seabourn cruise line and a few foreign cruise lines.

Who owns the the Carnival Fantasy cruise ship?

The Carnival Fantasy cruise ship is owned by Carnival Corporation & PLC, owner and operator of Carnival Cruise Lines. The word "Carnival" in the ship's name indicates its ownership.

What is carnvial valor Why is important?

Carnival Valor is a cruise ship, and is a bit special because it's the biggest cruise ship owned by Carnival lines. It has a heroes-type of theme and is appealing to many people.

Is Universal Studios owned by Disney?

No, it is owned by NBCUniversal.

Is Barbie a Disney movie?

No. Barbie is not owned by Disney.

Does Comcast own Disney?

No disney is not owned by anyone

Does anyone live at Disney World?

Noone actually lives in Disney World but the Walt Disney Company did lease land on a 99 year lease to a apartment company. These are not owned, operated, or managed by Disney and they have no Disney benefits (other than living behind Magic Kingdom)

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