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Is Disneyland near New York?

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No, Disneyland is in Anehiem, California. If California is too far for you, try Walt Disney World just outside Orlando, Florida. Walt Disney World has 4 theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney-Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom) as opposed to Disneyland's 2 parks (Magic Kingdom and California Adventure.) Choose whatever Disney Park that fits your needs.

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Is there a Disneyland in New York?


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Is New York City New York near the equator?

No, it is not.

Is there a Starbucks in Disneyland?

No there is no starbucks in Disneyland. There is a Starbucks near Disneyland though.

What is the distance between Disneyland Anaheim California and New York City New York?

It is 2,436 miles according to Google Maps.

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A hotel near Disneyland?

try Disneyland resort

Near which large city in the United States is Disneyland?

Disneyland is in Anaheim which is near Los Angeles.

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When is the ice skating ring at Disneyland Paris open?

The ice skating rink at the New York Hotel in Disneyland Paris is usually open from from 22nd October - 16th April. The ice skating rink at the New York Hotel in Disneyland Paris is usually open from from 22nd October - 16th April.

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Where are the hotels located at Disneyland Paris?

There are not too many hotels based in Disneyland, Paris. The most popular ones are DisneyLand Hotel, Disney's Sequoia Lodge and Disney's Hotel New York.

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Where is Disneyland near to?

it is near the theme park caflfornia adventure

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The capital of New York State (Albany) is located on the Hudson River, as is New York City.

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