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Is Dragon Ball Z budokai tenkaichi 3 rare?


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No its not its quite old

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you can download rare characters of dragon ball z,gt and af from

Stardust Dragon is currently always a holographic rare.

The Winged Dragon of Ra's original print was released as a Secret Rare and Ultra Rare. The Winged Dragon of Ra'sEffect Monster version was released as a Ultra Rare.

Dark Armed Dragon has been released in the TCG as a Gold Rare and a Secret Rare card.

There are many types of rare dragons. An example would be the lunar eclipse dragon. The most common way of breeding this dragon would be a snow dragon with a mountain dragon.

It's an Ultra Rare/Secret Rare card.

pure dragon will come out it is very rare!

Stardust Dragon comes in all rarities except plain Rare (silver lettering) and Common.

yes, if they are tye dye they are really rare, it was really hard tom find the dragon.

Cyber Dragon and Cyber End Dragon have been reprinted multiple times with various rarities. Cyber End Dragon has been released as a Super Rare and an Ultra Rare. Cyber Dragon has been released as a Common, Super Rare, Ultra Rare, and Gold Rare. These reprintings are to help players obtain these cards more easily.A perfect example of this is the re-release of the Exodiaseries.

Limited edition ultra rare.

Limited edition gold rare.

Yes it is, but the rarest is the RAINBOW DRAGON!!

Power Tool Dragon can be found as an Ultra Rare, Ultimate Rare, or Ghost Rare in the Raging Battle booster pack. You can also get a collector's tin with Power Tool Dragon on the cover to ensure that you pull one; it would be a Secret Rare.

my does because its rare dragon but a normal dragon won't

Judgement Dragon is found in Light of Destruction booster packs as a secret rare and Turbo packs as an ultimate rare.

Rainbow Dragon is Common in Ra Yellow Mega Pack(RYMP), but rare in all other packs.

The Gummy Dragon is a Rare hybrid dragon composed of opposite elements. As such, it can not be bred directly Electric Dragon and Plant Dragon.

pladapus dragon you stink

breed hybrid rare dragon ... and follow this guide.. pirate + petrulium=pure dragon

it is a rare drop from D.A. quest only

a pink dragon fruit is super rare! With a black dragon you can get Waldo

You can either get the Rainbow Dragon Secret Rare or Ghost Rare in the booster pack Tactical Evolution or in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Tin Set also as a Secret Rare card

A soccer dragon is a dragon who likes Harry Potter and soccer. It's very friendly and is also rare.

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