B5 (band)

Is Dustin breeding grown?

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Dose Dustin breeding likr her?

does dustin breeding like who???

What does Dustin breeding like in a girl?

what Dustin Michael breeding likes in a girl is her eyes and personality

Is Dustin breeding in love with someone?

Dustin Michael breeding is in love with a girl named Elina...

Does Dustin breeding have kids?


Is Dustin Breeding married?


How old is Dustin Breeding?

Dustin Breeding (of B5) is 30 years old. (birthdate October 8, 1987).

Is Dustin breeding getting married?

There are no reports stating that Dustin Breeding is getting married. There is a video circulating online that purports that he is but this has been reported as false. Dustin Breeding is a part of the R&B group, B5.

Is Dustin breeding the oldest of b5?

yes Dustin is the oldest from b5

Does Dustin breeding have a tattoo?


Does Dustin breeding have girlfriend?


Does Dustin breeding have tattoo?


Does Dustin breeding have a girlfriend in 2010?


What is the names of the lead singers in B5?

Dustin breeding and Patrick breeding

How tall is Dustin Breeding?

It said he was about 5'10!

Who is Dustin Breeding's mother?

Adrian Breeding

Did Dustin breeding and Paris brennett go out?


Is Dustin micheal breeding a virgin?


What is Dustin Breeding girlfriend name?

Madisyn A.

What is Dustin breeding email address?


What is Dustin breeding Twitter account?


What are the first and last names of the members in b5?

Bryan Breeding Carnell Hunnicutt Patrick Breeding Kelly Breeding Dustin Breeding

What type of girls does Dustin Breeding like?

Dustin likes girls who have at least every quality in them.

Dustin Breeding favorite color?

Baby Blue

When is Dustin breeding birthday?

October 8, 1987

Do Dustin breeding know how to kiss?

yes !!!!!!!!!!! of course