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Yes earths inner core is a dense ball of metal earths outer core is a layer of molten (melted) metal


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iron and nickel is the answer and so is the inner core. the inner and the outer and together but the outer core is liquid and the inner core is solid

the earths inner core is a solid (around 5500 degrees) and the outer core is a liquid

the outer core is liquid; the inner core is solid

They go faster through the inner core than the liquid outer core

The inner core is surrounded by the outer core. The inner core is a solid, hot ball of metals and rocks with very high pressure. The outer core also has high pressure, but not enough to make it a solid. It is a liquid.

Earth's core is divided into two parts: a solid inner core and a liquid outer core.

The outer core is in a liquid state and the inner core is in a solid state of matter.

Yes. The Earth's outer core is made out of liquid. However, the inner core is made up of a metal compound.

No they think that movements in the outer core create earths magnetic field

The Earths Core can be broken into two pieces the inner core and the outer core. The Inner Coreis made of SolidIron. The Outer Core is made of Liquid Iron.

The earths outer core is made of iron liquid

Inner since one of first 4.

The outer portion of the core is mostly molten iron. The inner core is solid metal.

, a liquid outer core that is much less viscous than the mantle, and a solid inner core.

The core of the earth is surrounded by the mantle.The earth's core is called the inner core. Just outside that is the outer core, and it is liquid. Outside the liquid outer core is the mantle.

the layer in the earths suface that contains liquid rock is called: the inner core (mainly)\ outer core (some) and (parts) of the mantle.

the earths core is the hottest part of the earth. the metals in the earths outer core is liquid because of the heat and the metals in the earths core is solid but still the earths core is the hottest

The Earth's inner core is slowly growing as the liquid outer core at the boundary with the inner core cools and solidifies due to the gradual cooling of the Earth's interior

The Core. there is an inner and outer core. the inner is solid and the outer is liquid magma

outer core is liquid whereas the inner core is solid

Jupiter doesn't have a crust, it is made of gas. The core is theorized to be an inner layer of liquid metallic hydrogen surrounded by an outer shell of regular liquid hydrogen.

the inner core is solid because of tremendous pressure the outer core is liquid due to less pressure and heat

Is just above the inner core..

The layer around the inner core

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