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Is Eddie Guerrero really Dominick's father?

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No it was for storyline purposes only.

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Were the events between Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero real Example Ladder match for Dominicks?

In a sense yes and no. Dominick is really Rey's son, naturally. Although Eddie wasn't Dominicks real father.

Did Eddie Guerrero marry vickie Guerrero?

No they are not eddie is vickie's father

Is eddie Guerrero rey mysterio father?


Who was Eddie Guerrero's father?

The father of Eddie Guerrero (1967-2005) was the Mexican "Lucha Libre" professional wrestler Gory Guerrero (1921-1990).

Is Eddie Guerrero really dead?


Is Eddie Guerrero brother with chavo Guerrero?

Eddie Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero are brothers, Eddie Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero Jr. are uncle and nephew.

Is Eddie Guerrero really dead or is it a lie?

Unfortunately, Eddie Guerrero did pass away in real life on November 13th, 2005.

Are Eddie Guerrero and chavo Guerrero brothers?

Well you have to be more specific, Eddie Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero ARE brothers, Eddie Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero Jr. ARE uncle and nephew.

Is Vickie Guerrero Eddie Guerrero wife?

Vickie Guerrero is Eddie Guerrero's widow.

When did eddie guerrero really die?

He died on November 13, 2005.

Wwe Is Eddie guerrueo really dead?

Eddie Guerrero passed away for real in the year of 2005.

When did Eddie Guerrero start his debut?

Eddie Guerrero started his debut in 1970

When was Eddie Guerrero born?

Eddie Guerrero was born on October 9, 1967.

How tall is Eddie Guerrero?

Eddie Guerrero is (5ft 8in) Source:

Did Eddie Guerrero have a good childhood?

Yes Eddie Guerrero had an incredible childhood

Eddie Guerrero is alive and remember WWE is a lie and all are a lie Eddie Guerrero is alive?

No, he really did died, it's unbelieveable but he's gone to a better place now.

Why did Jesus wanted to kill Eddie Guerrero?

jesus didn't want to kill Eddie Guerrero Chavo Guerrero did because he was drinking beer then he gave one to Eddie Guerrero that's how he die

Who is MaLeon Guerrero?

Mother of Eddie Guerrero

Who did Eddie Guerrero marry?

Vickie Guerrero

What is the relationship between Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero?

They were really close friends

Is Eddie Guerrero really alive?

No, he past away on November 13, 2005.

When did Eddie Guerrero died?

November 13, 2005 Rest In Peace Eddie Guerrero

How old was Eddie Guerrero?

Eddie Guerrero was 39 yrs. old when he passed away.

Is Eddie really dead or is it a story line?

Sadly Eddie Guerrero actually passed away November 13, 2005.

Do Eddie Guerrero love chyna?

Eddie Guerrero never dated Chyna in real life, that was an on screen relationship, Eddie Guerrero was married to Vicki Guerrero in real life all the way up to his death.