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No, it is not part of any airline alliance.

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Is El Al Airways part of star alliance?

No El Al is not part of Star Alliance.

What is el al airline code?

The airline code for El Al is LY.

What is israel most secured airline?

Israel's most secured airline is El Al, which is also considered as the world's most secure airline.

El al is the national airline of what country?


Narional airline of Israel?

El Al Israel Airlines

Which airline flies from Egypt to Israel?

El Al Airlines

What companys slogan is home away from home?

El Al airline

What is the 4 letter name of Israel's national airline?

El Al

What ia the name of an Airline to Israel?

El Al is the national airline of Israel. Has the one the best security in the whole world - fly safe.

Where is the Alabama Preservation Alliance in Livingston Alabama located?

The address of the Alabama Preservation Alliance is: Station 45, Livingston, AL 35470

Can you crochet on al italia?

You will need to ask the airline for up-to-date information.

How long does it take to fly from ny to israel?

about 12 hours if you go in el al airline

Is WikiAnswers part of al-Qaeda?

Absolutely not! WikiAnswers is not a part of Al-Qaeda.

Where can you find information about flights from Israel to France?


What is el al israel airlines airline code?

the IATA code is LY and the ICAO code is ELY.

What airline has the best airfare from Chicago to Mobile AL?

If you really would like to know the answer then you will have to visit

Where is the Alabama cemetery Preservation Alliance in Monroeville Alabama located?

The address of the Alabama Cemetary Preservation Alliance is: 54 Monroe Station Road, Monroeville, AL 36460-1450

What is israel most secured airline In the world?

Israel's most secured airline In the world is El Al because of its employment of armed air marshals, attention to screening, and thorough passenger interviews.

El al airline luggage rules?

What part of speech is Al?

Al is a person's name, a proper noun.

What is the Israeli airline called?

El Al Israel Airlines. There are also two much smaller carriers, called Arkia and Israir.

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No, but Al is part of the Boron family.

What is AAY?

AAY can stand for a number of things, including:Access for Autistic Youth (This is a program in Seattle, WA.)Adults and youthAl Ghaydah Airport (IATA code)All about youAll-American youthAllegiant Air (ICAO airline code)Alliance of adults and youthAlways all yoursAvatar above youAverage annual yield

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American Airlines Flight 11 struck the North Tower and was hijacked by:Mohamed AttaAbdulaziz al OmariWaleed al ShehnWail al Shehn andSatam al Sugami.United Airline Flight 175 which struck the South Tower included:Marwan al-ShehhiFayez BanihammadHamza al-GhamdiAhmed al-Ghandi andMohand al Shehn.

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