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Is Ellen leyva of kabc news gay?

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Felix Nyaa
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Is Jenna Wolfe from NBC News gay or straight?

I seen Ellen and jenna walking in the park

Is danell leyva gay?

A very beautiful person inside & out

Why are the names Ellen and Portia frequently mentioned in the news?

The names Ellen and Portia are mentioned a lot in the news because they are referencing Ellen DeGeneres, a gay female comedian and host of her own talk show "The Ellen DeGeneres Show". Portia de Rossi is an actress and is also Ellen's wife.

Who did Ellen inspire to be gay?

Ellen can not inspire someone to be gay. No one can. You are born with it.

What is the birth name of Gay Ellen Dakin?

Gay Ellen Dakin's birth name is Gaye Ellen Dakin.

Is ellen from the ellen show gay?

Yes Ellen from the Ellen Show is gay. She keeps it a secret so nobody really knows, but now 2014 everybody knows.

Is ellen degeneres gay-?

Yes, Ellen DeGeneres is gay. She came out as a lesbian many years ago.

When did Gay News end?

Gay News ended in 1983.

Is Ellen DeGeneres gay?

Yes, Ellen DeGeneres is a Lesbian.

When was Gay News created?

Gay News was created in 1972-06.

What has the author Gay Ellen Cheney written?

Gay Ellen Cheney has written: 'From authenticity to art' -- subject(s): Choreography

When was Philadelphia Gay News created?

Philadelphia Gay News was created in 1976.

When was Seattle Gay News created?

Seattle Gay News was created in 1977.

Is Ellen Page gay?


What proof do you have that Ellen page is gay?

Ellen Page publicly stated that she was gay in February of 2013. It's not something she tries to hide.

When was Gay Ellen Dakin born?

Gay Ellen Dakin was born on May 20, 1940, in Los Angeles, California, USA.

When was Erie Gay News created?

Erie Gay News was created in 1993-01.

What are the release dates for Ellen - 1994 It's a Gay Gay Gay Gay World 5-17?

Ellen - 1994 It's a Gay Gay Gay Gay World 5-17 was released on: USA: 25 February 1998 Germany: 22 August 2000

Is Ellen muth a lesbian?

Ellen Muth made a couple of films where she played the role of gay teens. She is not gay herself but she is a good actress.

Is Ellen the talk show host gay?


Is Aston merrigold gay?

yes he is gay its on the news/news paper yes he is gay and so wat if he is. i say good luck to him

Who is gay on tv sitcoms?

Ellen Degeneres is a lesbian and she played Ellen in the sitcom 'These friends of mine' (later renamed 'Ellen'). The character Ellen came out in season 4.

Is elen gay?

Ellen is yes in fact a lesbian.

Is Ellen the genrous gay?

Yes she is married to a girl

Is Ellen DeGeneres a guy?

No. She is female and identifies as gay.