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Is Elodea cell an organism?


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Is Elodea cell an organism?


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An elodea cell does not have a organsim because it is NOT an organism.

No, an elodea cell is not a single celled organism. It is made up of many small cells that work together, making up the elodea. Also, an elodea cell is not an organism at all. One elodea cell cannot live putang ina mo independently, so it can not be called an organism.

Elodea is a multicellular organism.

Elodea cell cannot be called an organism. The Elodea cells can't live on their own like the paramecia can.

No, cells from the elodea plant are not organisms because they cannot live on their own like the paramecium.

An elodea cell is part of a larger being, it cannot survive on its own, it only contains part of the thing a plant needs to live. Paramecium do live as only one cell, a fully functioning organism.

the difference between an elodea cell & an paramecium cells, are that elodea cells can't survive on it's own because it is not a single celled organism and it has to work together with other elodea cells to survive. While paramecium cell on the other hand are single celled organisms and have everything that they need to live on their own

Elodea Is a multicellular celled organism, paramecium is a single organism Another thing is that Elodea (being multicellular) can not survive on its own while on the other hand paramecium can

An average elodea cell is 0.05mm x 0.025mm

An elodea cell is a small structure that makes up the aquatic plant. Elodea is also known as the waterweeds.

A cheek cell is a human epithelial cell. An Elodea cell is a plant cell.

The lower epidermis of the elodea leaf has the largest cell.

Elodea is a green plant growing in water and does have cell walls.

the onion cell is smaller than the elodea cell. the onion cell has about 15 cells in the lower power and the elodea cell has about 64 cells in the lower power.

Both the Elodea cell and the Onion cell have a cell wall

The cheek cell does not have a large central vacoule, a cell wall and chloroplast, things which the Elodea cell has.

No. An elodea is a species of aquatic plant.

Elodea is a muliti-cell and Paramecium is a single-cell

elodea cells are dirty and the paramecium cell cleans it up

Well, a cheek cell would be some sort of animal cell, and an Elodea would have plant cells. So an Elodea cell would have cells walls, while a cheek cell would not. A cheek cell would have a pair of centrioles, while an Elodea cell would not.

The chloroplast of the elodea cell will clump together.

No its not, they need water to live unlike any other organisms like the paramecium. AND TRUST ME ITS RIGHT

*G1N4* It cannot because it is not an organism. it is not free living, and does not follow the characteristics of life, but it is a living thing.

No stain is needed for the elodea cell because the cell is already green in color. The elodea cell is in the aquatic plant family and is only two cells thick making it easy to see.

Both. Both cells are plant cells and plant cells have chloroplasts. (Elodea is the waterweeds)

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