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not at the moment


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Emma Watson is not in that movie, either clothed or unclothed.

Emma Watson never confirmed or denied their relationship. If she did love him she would have a reason to do so.

Believe me. Emma will love everyone who love her.

She said her first crush ever was on Tom Felton!

i love her and fancy her

I don't like her; I love her.

No, Emma Watson does not love to play soccer.However, she likes Field Hockey.See related Question shown below.

No Emma Watson not love with Daniel redcliff she intrest with Ron

Emma Watson loves a boy because she is not homosexual.

She is not in love with Daniel Coz' right now she is in love with me !!

Lucas Grabeel is not currently dating Emma Watson. She is dating Matthew Janney, and Grabeel is currently not seeing anyone.

Yes, but she loves me more.

Yes. Emma Watson is a fan of Harry Potter, having read all the books and starred in the movies.

Yes, Emma Watson does have facebook, but be careful of all the Emma Watson imposters.

Emma Watson is female.

yes he is the brother of emma watson

That is for her to know and for you to find out. Hi, this is Emma herself. I really don't want the world to know where I go to pray. But I would LOVE for you write to me!Thanks,*Emma Watson*

Until Emma Watson decides to make it public knowledge only she and those she has told will know. The chances of you finding out are very rare as Emma Watson likes her privacy and has stated that she will never confirm or deny who she is dating.

No, he does not have a crush on her. They are just friends.

I'm not sure but his in love with Emma Watson

Emma Watson is much prettier but Emma roberts is still prettier but alot of people prefer Emma Watson these questions are ridiculous legit who would prefer emma roberts over Emma Watson

Emma Watson lives in the UK.

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