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The United Kingdom is a Parliamentary Democracy with a Monarch as Head of State. The current Monarch is Queen Elizabeth the Second. Parliament is a body of elected Members. The party that elects the most Members forms the Government, and the leader of that party becomes the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister selects his cabinet from the elected Members of his party, and they are called Ministers, and they run various departments of the Government.

The other parties that did not win the election form the Loyal Opposition, and their job is to suggest reforms or ammedments to the bills of law brought forward by the Government party. Bills are debated and sent back for changes, after the First Reading. Committees discuss changes and forward the proposed bill to the House, where it is debated again and then voted on. At Third reading, a bill becomes law if a majority of Members vote in favour of it.

The duty of the Monarch is to be a watchful and prudent protector of the rights of the people. She is consulted on matters of national security and finance, but she does NOT intervene in the day to day running of the nation.

The term of a Government is limited by the number of years it may rule (up to 5 years) and the concept of "having the confidence of the House, and its members. A Government in the U.K. may fall on a "Vote Of Non-Confidence" which can happen if enough Opposition members vote against the Government party. This results in a General Election, where all the citizens over 18 can vote for the candidate of their choice in their local district. Voters vote by secret ballot and the results are known the following day, after the election.

The leader of the winning party visits the Monarch, and is invited to form the next Government.

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Q: Is England a democracy
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