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most people speak English but there are french speaking people too

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2011-09-13 01:56:51
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Q: Is English or french spoken in Newfoundland Canada?
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What languages are spoken in Newfoundland and Labrador Canada?

People in Newfoundland and Labrador currently speak dialects of English, although they also used to speak the Newfoundland dialect of Irish and a language called Beothuk. There is also some French spoken. In Canada the main two languages spoken are French and English, being their official languages, and Quebec is the only strictly French speaking province. In Newfoundland the main two languages spoken would probably be French or English, but Canada also has a strong Asian population.

Is French or English spoken more in Canada?


Is English spoken in Canada?

Yes. English and French are both spoken in Canada, although in some areas either one or the other is spoken.

What European language is spoken in Canada?

Both English and French are European languages spoken in Canada.

What languages are spoken in eastern Canada?

english and french

What are the two languages are spoken in canada?

English & French

What countries speak English and french?

English is mostly spoken in: UK Australia New Zealand US Canada and other countries French is spoken in: France Canada and is taught in many other countries such as Lebanon and Australia. Both the French and English language are spoken in Canada.

What two languages spoken widely in Canada are?

French and English

What languages are spoken in the major cities of Canada?

English and French are spoken throughout Canada. Though, English is predominant in most parts while French is predominant in any city inside Quebec.

What launguages are spoken in Canada?

Two main languages are English and French.

What is sun in Canadian?

depends whether you mean English Canada or French Canada. In English, the translation is 'sun'. In French, which is usually spoken in French Canada, it is "soleil" Also, Canadian is not a language.

What two languages are most widely spoken in Canada?

English 56.9%. - English/French 16.1%. French 21.3%

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