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No it is not, it is a public state university just like UF.

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Both Miami University in Ohio and the University of Miami in Florida are private colleges.

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Q: Is Florida State University college a private school?
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Is University of Florida a private school or a government school?

The University of Florida is a public four years university in Gainesville, Florida. It is also label as a "Public Ivy".

When was Barry University in Florida founded?

Barry University is a private school founded in 1940 in Miami Shores, Florida.

Is the University of Florida private or public?

UF is a public school.

Is Princeton a private or public university?

No, Princeton University is a private educational institution.

Is there a college or school for perfusionist in Florida?

Yes, Barry university

What are the best private high schools in Florida?

There are many good private schools found in the state of Florida. Some of these include Pine Crest School, University School of Nova Southeastern University, St. Thomas Aquinas High School, as well as the Gulliver School.

Is northeastern university public or private?

Boston University is a private school. is a great website to search about this college and any other colleges you might want to know about.

List of accredited colleges in Florida?

University of Miami - MBA Alumni...!!! Go Canes!! Florida State University University of Flordia Stetson University Nova Southeastern University Florida International University Florida Coastal School of Law Just to Name a Few..!!!

What is a private college?

A college that is not public.Another Answer:A private college or university is funded by tuition, investments and private donors, not by taxpayers.a collage that people want to go to because its like a private school

What type of school is University?

Norwich University is a Private Military College, but also serves normal students.

Is Los Angeles Valley College a state university or a private school?

Los Angeles Valley College is a community college.

Is Asia pacific university a college or high school?

This is one of the high quality Private Engineering University of Banglabesh.