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Is Frank Iero a virgin?

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Answered 2010-07-29 08:38:04 hes married :) EDIT in fact, his wife jamia, is pregnant with twins due summer 2010

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What height is frank iero?

frank iero is 5'4.

Is Frank iero a vegetarian?

Yes, Frank Iero is a vegetarian.

Who does frank iero love?

Frank Iero is married. To who, I don't know. ----Edit---- Frank Iero is married to Jamia Nestor, and has twins :)

Dose frank iero want to have kids?

Frank Iero has twins :)

What is Frank iero's parents names?

Linda Iero and Frank Iero

What nicknames does Frank Iero go by?

Frank Iero goes by Frankie.

What is frank iero and jamia nestor nameing the babies?

Frank and Jamia Iero named their twins Cherry Marie Iero and Lily Rose Iero.

When was Frank Iero born?

Frank Iero was born on October 31, 1981.

What brand of cigarettes does frank iero smoke?

Frank Iero no longer smokes.

What is the birth name of Frank Iero?

Frank Iero's birth name is Frank Anthony Thomas Iero Jr..

How old is Frank Iero?

Frank Iero is 29 years old (birthdate: October 31, 1981).

How old is frank iero in 2011?

Frank iero is going to turn 30 on October 31 of 2011

Does Frank Iero have MSN?


Is frank iero dead?


How old is Frank Iero from My chemical romance?

Frank Iero was born on the 31st of October, 1981, making him 28.

What is Frank Iero 's middle name?

His full name is Frank Anthony Thomas Iero Jr. :)

What instrument does frank iero play?

Frank Iero plays guitar, and He also plays a little bit of bass.

What is frank iero's dad called?

Frank's full name is Frank Anthony Thomas Iero Jr.Frank's father is called Frank Joseph Iero,And Frank's Grandfather is called Frank Anthony Iero.That's hot :P

What is frank iero's height?

Frank Iero is 5'4

What is frank ieros full name?

His full name is Frank Anthony Thomas Iero <3333

When was frank iero born date year?

Frank Iero was born on October 31, 1981. He is in the group, My Chemical Romance.

Is Frank Iero married?

Yes! Frank Iero is married to Jamia!

How much does frank iero weigh?

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Is Frank iero cute?


Is Frank Iero a vegitarian?