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Gary Paulsen

Is Gary Paulsen going to write another Brain book?

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Probable not.

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Gary Paulsen loved nature as a kid, and this was the perfect book for him to write!

Gary Paulsen usually writes adventure.

1966 gary paulsen wrote special war his first book

write about outdoor and woodsy things and activites

It was published the year 2000.

Hes adventures at the circus.

No, but he is going to write an other camp half-blood series

Action, I guess...? Hatchet is fantastic.

None, Gary Paulsen is an author who has written/ co-written approximately 171 books. 4 plays not none

no stefanie Meyer isn't going to write another book in the twilight series

žPaulsen Likes to write about hunting and survival. žHe mentions things in his books that happened to him in real life. žGary sometimes writes about dog sleds. žHe loves to tell you about adventures! hope this helped :) :D -FutureMrs.Styles

Gary Paulsen made the book hatchet. are you people that stupid. every one is suppose to know that.

The part of the brain that helps us to write is the cerebellum.

He wrote it because he loves to write books, he is very smart, and he just got an image in his mind.

He was inspired to write because he developed an intrest in riting at an early age and liked the taste of adventure

She has no intention of doing so.

Yes, if there would be someone interested to write another book for the hero....

she said she will write many more books as she has a head full of imagination

because his wife illustrated thoose books

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