Is Gianluca Ginoble gay?


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2020-08-29 19:27:37
2020-08-29 19:27:37

Yes he is.


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Gianluca appears to be an inch shorter than Piero Barone who is 174 cm (5' 8-1/2"). Ignazio Boschetto has said he is 183 cm ( around 6 ft) & Gianluca appears to be several inches shorter than him.

I saw them in concert on september 25th and october 19th and i would say he's between 5'4- 5'6

The cast of Boombox All Access with Il Volo - 2012 includes: Piero Barone as himself Ignazio Boschetto as himself Humberto Gatica as himself Gianluca Ginoble as himself

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The cast of Il Volo Takes Flight - 2011 includes: Piero Barone as Himself - Lead Singer Ignazio Boschetto as Himself - Lead Singer Gianluca Ginoble as Himself - Lead Singer Il Volo as Themselves

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