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Yes, she is.

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Q: Is Gloria vanderbilt alive?
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Did Gloria vanderbilt die?

Gloria is alive and she is 85. She just had a birthday in Feb.

Is Gloria Vanderbilt still alive?

Yes, Gloira Vanderbilt is sitll alive. She is living on Beekman Place for now, but she is still unable to be reached..

Is gloria vanderbilt related to george vanderbilt?

Gloria Vanderbilt was a fashion designer who was born in 1924. Yes, Gloria is related to George Vanderbilt. He was her uncle on her father's side.

What is the birth name of Gloria Vanderbilt?

Gloria Vanderbilt's birth name is Gloria Laura Vanderbilt.

When was Gloria Vanderbilt born?

Gloria Vanderbilt was born on February 20, 1924.

What nicknames does Gloria Vanderbilt go by?

Gloria Vanderbilt goes by Little Gloria, and The Poor Little Rich Girl.

When did Gloria Morgan Vanderbilt die?

Gloria Morgan Vanderbilt died on 1965-02-13.

When was Gloria Morgan Vanderbilt born?

Gloria Morgan Vanderbilt was born on 1904-08-23.

How old is Gloria Vanderbilt?

Gloria Vanderbilt is 93 years old (birthdate: February 20, 1924).

How is Gloria Vanderbilt related to the Biltmore estate?

George Washington Vanderbilt (Biltmore) is the Great Uncle to Gloria. They share a Paternal Grandfather, Cornelius Vanderbilt.

Where could one find perfume by Gloria Vanderbilt?

If someone is looking to purchase a perfume by Gloria Vanderbilt on Amazon, eBay, Yahoo Shopping, and my Perfume Source. Gloria Vanderbilt was an early pioneer of denim fashion and is the mother of anchor Anderson Cooper.

What is Gloria Vanderbilt's birthday?

Gloria Vanderbilt was born on February 20, 1924.

Who is Anderson Coopers Mother?

Gloria Vanderbilt

What is Gloria vanderbilt net worth?


Has Gloria Vanderbilt had plastic surgery?


Is the Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville Tennessee name any relation to Gloria Vanderbilt?

she is the great great granddaughter to the founder, Cornelius Vanderbilt

Did Gloria Vanderbilt siblings care for her?

she doesn't have any

Was a black musican a lover of Gloria vanderbilt?


Is Anderson Cooper the son of Gloria Vanderbilt?


Did Gloria Vanderbilt design teddy bears?

short answer; no

Is Gloria vanderbilt Jewish?

Not unless she converted as an adult.

How many children did Gloria Vanderbilt have?


How is Gloria vanderbilt related to George Washington vanderbilt?

She is the granddaughter of Cornelius Vanderbilt II, who was the brother of George Washington Vanderbilt. That means George was her great uncle.

Is Gloria Vanderbilt still wealthy?

If she is not, something is wrong with her head.

Price of Gloria vanderbilt jeans circa 1980?