Is Gunnar Nelson married?

No He Is Not. His older twin brother by 45 Minutes Matthew Nelson is. Matthew Nelson is married to Singer/Actress/Model : Yvette Stefens- Nelson

This was given truthfully by:

Megan Butcher

April 9, 2008

But Gunnar has been engaged right? I read an interview Jack Ponti did and mentioned how Gunnar had a fiance' that decided to ask the question "Have you ever cheated on me" and Gunnar plainly said "yes". He went on to say that Gunnar called him saying his girlfriend went crazy mad over his and asked him to come pick him up. Who was he engaged to?

You read wrong. Gunnar Nelson has had many seriou, crazy, lusting, sexual relationships with many woman in his life. He has never denied it. But When I asked him he admited to wanting to get married and have a baby, but he has not yet found the right one.

He has never been engaged. He said so on NelsonBrothers.Com

Megan Butcher

I remembered the Jack Ponti article from years ago. Here is what he said about Nelson!

Believe it or not, Nelson always had THE best women around, bar none, so that was always a religious experience.

Say what you will but I had me some fun with Weenie and Heiny Nelson.

For fun we used to bring them to crowded shopping malls at the height of their fame and watch the lunacy.

One time some girl ran up to Matty screaming:

?Burn in H***, your face is made of wax, I hate you. I want to see your face melt?

We used to call Matt ?Star Search?, because he would go to the Star Search taping and pick up the spokesmodels.

Excellent times indeed.

Matty began dating Erin Everly around that time (right after she and Axl split) and she would call my f****house like at 4 am.

I wanted to smack the s***out of them both, with this early morning ?Love you honey? sh**.

She went ballistic on him if I remember as he called me from his car freaking, so that love affair went south.

Matt is Mr. Romance, Gunnar is Mr. Let?s F*** Porn Stars.

Gunnar lost his mind once because we used to read fan mail and he got a gay fan letter and Matt didn?t.

We tried to find the guy and fly him in to meet Gunnar, but we couldn?t locate him.

Matt got an amazing letter once that said:

?I love you Matt. I am a mermaid and I want to cook you dinner at Michael Landon?s house.?

Now THAT?S a fan letter.

Matt and Gunnar had some serious trim, still do.

Gunnar is a funny guy.

Right after their big tour he went home and on the way to his fianc?es family?s house for Christmas dinner, she asked him if he ever cheated on her.

Without missing a beat, Gun said ?Yes?.

They got there and she went ballistic, her whole family went nuts and Gunnar retreated to a bedroom and called me for help.

Except he was in California and I was in NJ.

Let us not forget Matty and Bobbie Brown and her dumping him in Hawaii.