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Is Gwen satfine sporty?

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Sporty. Hmm. Let's see. "Do" is pretty sporty. Goo is kind of sporty. New? View? Some of those might work.

Yes, the word, "Sporty" is an adjective.

No the word sporty is not a noun. It is an adjective.

I am sporty = ich bin sportlich

Gwen is spelled Gwen or Gwenaëlle in French.

Old Camaro Is the best sporty car

what rhymes with sporty is snorty forty and warty ~Kasidy~

sporty = sportif (for a man) / sportive (for a woman)

sportif (masculine)/sportive (feminine)

Il est trés sportif. - He is very sporty

"Sporty" is "sportif" (masc.) or "sportive" (fem.) in French.

Sporty Spice's birth name is Melanie Jayne Chisholm

The synonyms for the word sporty are brazen, flamboyant, flaunting and gaudy. Also other synonyms for sporty are glittery, glittering, informal, loud, showy and snazzy.

Gwen McCrae's birth name is Gwen Mosely.

Gwen Davenport's birth name is Gwen Leys.

Gwen Wakeling's birth name is Sewell, Gwen.

Gwen Dutcher's birth name is Gwen Yuill.

Gwen Hiller's birth name is Gwen Pechet.

Gwen Welles's birth name is Gwen Goldberg.

Gwen Brian's birth name is Gwen Brian.

Gwen Stefani's real name is Gwen Renée Stefani.

Gwen Stefani's birth name is Gwen Rene Stefani.

Gwen Burroughs's birth name is Gwen Day Burroughs.

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