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H2CO3 is a compound, containing 3 different elements, hydrogen (H), carbon (C) and oxygen (O).

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Q: Is H2CO3 a compound or element?
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What element is not in the compound H2CO3?

Hydrogen, carbon and oxygen are the elements found in H2CO3

H2CO3 is what compound?


What element or compound form if we combine C02 plus H20?

Carbonic acid H2CO3

Symbol for hydrogen carbonate?

Hydrogen carbonate is a compound, not an element, and it therefore has a formula, not a symbol: H2CO3.

Is h2co3 an element?


Name for compound H2CO3?

The name of this compound is carbonic acid.

What is the compound name for H2CO3?

H2CO3 called Carbonic Acid. See related link.

What is the compound symbol for carbonated water?


Is H2CO3 ionic or covalent?

This is an ionic compound.

What is the name of the compound H2CO3?

Carbonic acid is the name of the compound H2C03.

Is H2CO3 a compound?

Yes it is a compound It is a weak acid which is partially soluble in water

What is the compound with the chemical formula H2CO3?

Carbonic Acid

What compound does CO2 form when dissolved in water?

H2CO3 or carbonic acid

Carbon dioxide is the acid anhydride of what compound?

Carbonic acid, H2CO3

What is the chemical name of h2co3?

it is carbonic acid. this is a compound found in Pepsi!!

Is gravel a compound a element or a element?

It is compound not an element.

Is Pepsi a compound or an element?

Is Pepsi a compound or an element?

Is plastic an element or compound?

compound not element

Is francium a compound or element?

an element

Is polystyrene an element or compound?

it is a element and a compound

Is lye a compound or an element?


Is h20 is a element or compound?

no its an element

Is h4 a compound mixture or element?


Is AgNO3 a compound or a element?

AgNO3 is a compound. Ag is an element, N is an element, and O is an element. Together, they are a compound.

What do you get when you mix an element with a compound?

You get a mixture of an element and a compound.