Is Hair Oasis a unisex hair salon?


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They have informed me that they are a unisex salon.


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You can get it at stellar salon!Or vintage shop.And also the new Oasis Bazaar!

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if it is a women and she had a child then she could but if it was a men then he could'nt ________________________ No. An unlicensed hair stylist cannot perform any hair services at a hair salon.

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No! In the state of Indiana unlicensed person working can't work in a hair salon

There is no particular salon to go to; you simply have to find a local hair salon that offers the service.

No, not if you bought it from your hair salon. Anything you purchase at your hair salon is safe for your hair. The wax, however can build up over time on the hair shaft if you do not shampoo it out well enough.

A good place to get your nails, hair and skin treated is a beauty salon. unlike a regular hair salon an beauty salon does more than just your hair.

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The difference between a hair salon and a barber is that normally a barber will cut Men's hair and give them shaves. A hair salon usually is for woman who will get their hair washed, cut, blown, permed, styled or colored. However, many men do get their hair cut at hair salons, it is not only for women.

Yes. Anyone can open a hair and nail salon, but you cannot do hair unless you are a licensed hair dresser. You will have to hire hair dressers, or "rent chairs" to hair dressers. But you would be the owner, which would give you complete control over your salon.

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Studio 9 Hair Salon is located in Sterling Heights, Detroit, Michigan. The salon specializes in bridal services. The salon offers spa services, as well as, hair services.

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