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smelly touts are mileys real mom





miley for lifez

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Is Hannah montanas mum dead in real life?

No she is not

Is mileys mum really dead?

she's not dead in real life. just in Hannah Montana =]

Hannah Montana her mom dead?

yes Hannah montanas mum is dead in the tv series but in real life Miley Cyrus who plays Hannah Montana; her mum is very much alive :) x

How did miley cyrus's mom die in real life?

Miley Cyrus' mom in real life,Leticia, is not dead. Mileys character on Hannah Montana (Miley Stewart) had a mother named Susan, who was written in the script to be deceased before Hannah became famous.

Did Miley Cyrus or Hannah Montana mom die?

there the same people....but in real life outside of the show mileys mom is still alive....but in the show...miley and Hannah are the same people and there mom in the show her mom is dead but in real life shes alive

Where is mileys mum?

in the tv programme, her mum is dead =/ but in real life she is very much alive..

Did mileys real mom die in real life?

Miley Cyrus's biological mother, Tish Cyrus, who is married to her biological father Billy Ray Cyrus is alive and well. Maybe your thinking of "Miley Stewart's" mom on Hannah Montana, cause she is dead.

Is Hannah Montana's mom really dead and who is her mom?

In the TV show Hannah Montana her mom is dead but not in real life

Is mileys grandma dead?


Is mileys mom dead?

no, she is not dead miley has veen sen with her.

Is mileys mom still alive?

In real life, yes, her name is Tish. But, on the show, Miley's mom is supposed to be dead.

Did mileys mum die?

Miley Cyrus's mum is still alive, her names Tish Cyrus. Miley Stewart in Hannah Montana (A fictional character), her mum is dead.

Is it true that Hannah Montana s' real father is dead?


Is Hannah Montanasw mum still alive?

For real yes but in the show she is "DEAD"

Where is Miley Cyrus mother?

Her Mother Is With Her, Whereever She Is In Real Life. In Hannah Montana, She Is Dead.

Is Hannah Montana's real mother dead?

Her mom is Alive. I just saw her on tv.

Is Miley Cyrus' mum dead?

In the series Hannah Montana her mother died but in real life her mom is not dead.

Is it true mileys mom is dead?

No, only on the show does she have no mom.

Is mileys mom really dead?

No she's not. She's very alive.

What is mileys dead moms name?

Miley's mom is alive. Her name is Tish.

Is Miley Cyrus's mom dead?

No, only Miley Stewarts mom is dead on the shows Hannah Montana. But, Tish Cyrus, who is Miley Cyrus's real mom, is not dead. She is perfectly well.

Why do Hannah Montana have a dead mum but not in real life?

this is because Miley's mum in real life didn't want to be in the show and they thought it would be a good idea to have her mum dead to make the show more exciting.

Is Miley Cyrus' mom dead?

No, only Miley Stewarts mom is dead on the show Hannah Montana. But, Tish Cyrus, who is Miley Cyrus's real mom, is not dead. She is perfectly well.

How long has Miley Cyrus mother been dead?

Her mom isn't dead at all... She's livin', in Hannah Montana is the mom of Miley STEWART dead, but in real life is her mom alive.

Is Hannah Montanna dead?