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Is Hannah Montana still alive?

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Yes, Hannah Montana is still alive.

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Did Hannah Montana suffer from cancer and is she still alive?

Hannah Montana is a fictional television character.

When did Hannah Montana die?

she didnt die she is still alive

Did Hannah Montana died in 2012?

No, the alter ego is still alive.

Has Hannah Montana died in her real life?

No, Hannah Montanna is really Miley Cyrus so no she is still alive!

Is Billy Ray Cyrus still alive?

He is alive he is Miley Cyrus' dad he can be seen on the Hannah Montana movie .

HOW did Hannah Montana's moom die?

In the show Hannah Montana her mom died but in real life her mom is still alive

Is Hannah Montana cancelled for 2009?

The Hannah Montana series is rolling and very much alive.

Is lily of Hannah Montana is dead?

No of course not she is still alive. who in the hell made that question up?

Why did Miley Cyrus stop making Hannah Montana?

Hannah Montana is still going on Hannah Montana forever

Will Hannah Montana still be on TV?

As of 2010, Hannah Montana Forever is the last season of Hannah Montana on Disney Channel

Does Hannah Montana still exist?

Yes and no. Yes because Miley is still alive, in a way it means that Hannah is too. No because Miley doesn't really come out as Hannah anymore, just for the show. And another yes is because she is still alive in some people.

Is Hannah Montana mom alive?

Yes she is .

Does Miley Cyrus miss being Hannah Montana?

no she is still Hannah Montana she still haves concerts.

Is Hannah Montana still wanting to be Hannah Montana?

no. shes getting old.

Did Hannah Montana get ran over?

No way!!! She is still alive and has no record of being ran over by a vehicle!!!!

Does Miley Cyrus still play Hannah Montana?

Hannah Montana is finished now. For Miley's last season she did Hannah Montana Forever. Which is still showing on Disney Channel

Will Hannah Montana be still on?

Not anymore, Hannah Montana forever's 13 episode were the last.

Did Hannah Montana die with H1N1?

since she's still alive, the answer is 'not yet', but last i knew, she is far from sick

Is Miley Cyrus really not being Hannah Montana anymore?

No she is still playing Hannah Montana.

If Hannah Montana stops the show will she still be famous?

Kinda. But Hannah Montana is just a character.

Is Hannah Hauxwell still alive today 2011?

Yes. Hannah Hauxwell is still alive.

Is Hannah Hauxwell still alive - 2011?

Yes, Hannah Hauxwell is still alive.

Does Hannah Montana still smoke?


Is the Hannah Montana psp still out?


Is Miley Cyrus going to be Hannah Montana again?

Miley Cyrus is still Hannah Montana. There is going to be a Hannah Montana movie coming into theaters soon.

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