Is Hera really zeus' wife and sister?

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What problems did Hera wife of Zeus face?

I'm not entirely sure what you mean by this... just generally? Well for one, her husband cheated on her constantly, and most of her conflicts (granted she started them) were related to her attempting to take revenge of Zeus's mistresses and illegitimate children. One legend says that she rejected he ( Full Answer )

Why did Zeus Mary his sister Hera?

Zeus wanted to marry Hera but Hera was not interested. One stormy night, Zeus transformed into a cuckoo bird and, seeming helpless in the rain and wind, Hera wrapped the bird (Zeus) up in her arms. Zeus saw his chance and transformed back to himself and when Hera was caught off guard, he raped her. ( Full Answer )

What did Zeus do to hera?

zeus found her sister hera attractive and tried to seduce her butfailed so zeus turned into a cockoo hera found it on the floor andtried to warm it by holding it against her chest and the cockootransformed back into zeus and took the chance and raped her

Why did hera become Zeus' wife?

Zeus fell in love with Hera instantly because of her beauty. He had tried courting her, but failed. In order to get her, he disguised himself as a hurt cuckoo in front of her. Hera who saw the bird, took pity on it and held it in her bosom. That was the time when Zeus reveals his true form then rape ( Full Answer )

Who was the sister of hera?

Demeter,Goddess of the Harvest and Goddess of Agriculture,and hestia,Goddess of Hearth and Home and Guardian of Pandora 's Pithos.

Is hera Zeus' third wife?

Hera was Zeus one and only wife and also his sister. However Zeus had many numerous affairs and mortals and nymphs, which invoked the wrath of Hera who many times was envious and enraged at the women. She really couldn't do anything to harm Zeus for his unfaithfulness due to his godly status. So the ( Full Answer )

Who is wife of Zeus sister of Poseidon?

Hera is the wife of Zeus and sister of Poseidon. Hera is also the sister of Hades. Zeus, Hera, Poseidon and Hades were all siblings.

Where were Zeus and Hera married?

Zeus, the chief god of Greek mythology was in fact married to Hera, goddess of women, marriage and childbirth. They were also brother and sister. They were married at the Heraion of Samos, on the Greek isle of Samos. Samos is said to be the birthplace of Hera.

Did Hera and Zeus have children together?

Yes: Area, Eris, Hebe, Eileithyia and Hephaestus. Hera definitely had three kids with Zeus: Ares (Mars) (war god), Hebe (Juventas) (goddess of youth), and Eileithyia (Lucina) (goddess of birth-pain). According to different myths Hera had Hephaestus (god of the forge) by herself, or with Zeus.

Why did Zeus name Hercules after Hera?

Zeus thought that if he named Hercules a name that means "Glory of Hera" she might like the boy. She showed that he was wrong by putting snakes in Hercules cradle.

Who did Zeus cheat on hera with?

Zeus cheated on Hera many times with many different women. The most notable was Alcmene, the mother of Hercules.

How did Zeus get Hera to be his wife?

Hera did not want to marry Zeus, but Zeus changed himself into abird, and then made storms rage over him so then Hera felt pity onthe bird into her hands. Then Zeus changed and said that Hera hadto marry him. Feeling trapped Hera agreed to marry him because shefelt pity on this poor bird

Are Zeus and Hera Hercules' parents?

No, Hercules is the son of Zeus and Alcmene. Since Hera is the wife of Zeus, she did not have much affection for Hercules, nor for Alcmene.

Who was Zeus' wife and sister?

Athena was both Zeus' wife and daughter. Zeus' wife was Hera and Demeter, Hestia, Hera, Hades, and Poseidon were his brothers and sisters.

How old is Zeus' sister Hera?

You realize you're asking the age of a being born before history and immortal. She isn't a vampire; they don't get more powerful with age or anything. The only reference we can really have is that she was "born" before he was (since he was the youngest).

Why are Zeus and Hera married if they are brother and sister?

Hera didn't want to marry Zeus. In fact, Zeus turned into a cuckoo and flew threw her window. As she held the bird tight, he turned himself back and took advantage and raped her. she was then forced to be married to him and he would cover her shame.

Why did Zeus betray Hera?

In Greek mythology, gods and goddesses remarry and love someone with the blink of an eye. Zeus liked a lot of Greek goddesses including Aphrodite and Io.

Why did Zeus love hera?

Zeus must've loved/married Hera because she was rumored to be one of the most beautiful Goddesses on Olympus. However, the fact that Hera was a Goddess of Marriage might've had an effect because this means that Hera can't be unfaithful to her husband like Aphrodite.

Who is hera sister?

Hera has two sisters: Demeter, the goddess of agriculture, and Hestia, the goddess of the hearth.

Why is Hera Zeus wife?

Hera did not want to marry Zeus but Zeus changed himself into a bird then made storms rage over him so then Hera felt pity on the bird into her hands. Then Zeus changed and said that Hera had to marry him. Felling trapped Hera agreed

Is Hera older than Zeus?

Yes. Hera, like Zeus, is a one of the six gods who are children of Kronos and Rhea. Zeus is the youngest of those children, and Hera is the second youngest.

Why did Hera and Zeus get married?

Depends on which tale you take. One story tells of her being raped by Zeus and she married him to save face. Another she willing choose him. Another they choose each other.

Why did Zeus cheated on Hera?

Zeus may be a Greek god, but he is still flawed in personality. He cheated on Hera because he was a sex fiend and he falls in love quickly. When he wants a woman, he does everything to get her. Using his charms, beauty, and even sometimes, trickery. The way he made Hera his own was also trickery. He ( Full Answer )

Who were the offsprings of Zeus and hera?

Ares, Enyo, Hebe, Eileithyia, Hephaestus, Typhon, and the Charities were called daughters of Hera, Pasithea wife of Hypnos among them.

Do Zeus really like Hera?

Yes he did she was his top wife he had many but she was his favorite.

What was Hera and Zeus' marriage like?

it was pretty bad as zues cheated o her many times on many different women. Because of thsi she took it out on us humans and she tried to kill him many times

What did hera right in her letter to Zeus?

I don't know that Hera ever wrote anything to Zeus. Correspondence between the gods would have been unnecessary as they were omnipresent.

Where did Zeus first see Hera?

The first encounter between Hera and her husband Zeus, king of all the gods, was in the region of the Hesperides. Hera was not responding to his attempts to seduce her so he resorted to trickery that appealed to Hera's nurturing side. It was winter and Zeus turned himself into a cuckoo that appeared ( Full Answer )

How can Hera be Zeus' sister wife and mother?

Actually, Hera is Zeus' both wife and sister but not his mother. Their mother was the Titan Rhea, their father was the Titan Kronos. Plus, in myths, there's kinda no such thing as DNA so it wasn't really gross for god/goddess to marry each other. I hope this answer helped.

Why is Zeus afraid of Hera?

Zeus is not afraid of Hera. Any deference that he is shown making to her is to teach a moral lesson to the Greeks; remain faithful to your wife.

Was Hera turned into a peacock by Zeus?

No. The peacock was Hera's favorite bird, but was previously unadorned. It wasn't until the death of her servant, Argus Panoptes (who had 100 pairs of eyes), that the eyes became a prominent feature on the birds plumage.

Was Hera jelous of Zeus?

he constantly cheated on her which in turn made her jealous Zeus and Hera were the prototype for what it meant to be male and female in ancient Greece. Zeus was domineering, virile, and philandering, not out of disrespect, but because it was his nature. Likewise, Hera was the paragon of fidelity. ( Full Answer )

Who are the brothers and sisters of Ares son of Zeus and Hera?

Zeus had lots of sons and daughters. It was very common for the ancient Greeks to claim that some hero or founder of a city was the son of a god, usually Zeus. The guy really got around. Apollo and his twin sister Artemis are said to have come from him. Also Athene, Persephone, Hephaistos and Hermes ( Full Answer )

Was Hera Zeus wife?

Yes, but Zeus was known to sire many children with a multitude of other women.

Where did Hera get tricked into marring Zeus?

No one was tricked, Hera is the goddess of marriage so marrying the king of the gods is a given, they don't like each other much, but have to be together to keep up an image

How did Hera become Zeus' wife?

They began as brother and sister, just as his mother and father, Cronus and Rhea, were also siblings. It would seem that incest is alright so long as you're a god. How she became his wife is not clear, but as the Goddess of Marriage, Women and Birth, she may well have arranged it herself, and thus b ( Full Answer )