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No, Honduras and Nicaragua are both independent countries. They're neighbours though (Nicaragua is to the southeast of Honduras).

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Q: Is Honduras in Nicaragua
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Which is bigger Honduras and Nicaragua?


Who is better Honduras or Nicaragua?

Honduras for sure

Which place is south of Honduras?

Nicaragua is south of Honduras.

What country is Lake Nicaragua in?

Lake Nicaragua is in Nicaragua, which is in Central America under Honduras and El Salvador

What are the neighboring countries of Honduras?

Honduras is neighbored by Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

What country is south of Honduras?

Nicaragua is the country south of Honduras in South America

Country north of Nicaragua?


The country north of Nicaragua?


What country is north of Nicaragua?


Country that touches Guatemala and Nicaragua?

The only country that shares borders with both Guatemala and Nicaragua is Honduras. Officially the Republic of Honduras, its capital city is Tegucigalpa.

Is Honduras bigger than Nicaragua?

No; Nicaragua is the largest country by area in Central America.

Country that borders Honduras?

Honduras has land borders with Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua.

The Rio coco divides Honduras and what country?

Rio Coco divides Honduras and Nicaragua.

What Central American Country boarders Guatemala and Nicaragua?

The country that borders Guatemala and Nicaragua is Honduras.

What country in central America borders Honduras?

Honduras is bordered by Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua.

What is a neighboring country to Honduras in Central America?

Honduras is bordered by Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua.

Are Honduras and British Honduras the same?

Hi, Honduras and British Honduras are different. British Honduras was the old name of what now we call Belize. And Honduras is still Honduras, the country above El Salvador, East from Nicaragua and West from Guatemala.

Nicaragua shares borders with which 2 countries?

Nicaragua shares 2 borders with Costa Rica and Honduras

What is the capital of the country that has the largest border with Honduras?

Managua, the capital of Nicaragua, to the southeast of Honduras in Central America.

What country is above the Honduras?

Honduras borders Guatemala in the north, El Salvador in the west, and Nicaragua in the south.

Paraguay is to Bolivia as what is to Honduras?

Nicaragua.Paraguay is southeast of Bolivia (in South America), and Nicaragua is southeast of Honduras (in Central America).Gualemula

What country is between El Salvador and Nicaragua?


What countries border Nicaragua?

Honduras and Costa Rica

Country between Nicaragua and El Salvador?


What country shares the mosquito coast with Nicaragua?