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No he is Finlays son in the WWE.

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โˆ™ 2009-03-01 22:27:51
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Q: Is Hornswoggle really Vince McMahons son?
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Is Triple H Vince McMahon step son?

Triple H is Vince McMahons son in law not stepson

Which wrestle lives under the ring?

Hornswoggle the son of Finlay or maybe the son of Vince who knows

Who is Vince McMahon's second son?

Ok vince is not the father of Hornswoggle its just a story line...he has no second son...its only 2... Stephanie and Shane

Is WWE hornswoggle really finlays son?

yes, thanks to jbl telling lol :) no his real life name is Dylan postl and finlays is Dave finlay. wwe is just i story line, but he is related to the mcmahons but he is not their son .... just related

Who is vince McMahons son?

The real son is Shane Mcmahon and the daughter is Stephanie Mcmahon.Triple H is Vinces son in law.Hornswoggle isnt his real son it was just part of a story line

Is Hornswogle Finlys son WWE?

no Finlay is just a friend i heard that Vince Mcmachon adopted Hornswoggle for some strange reason

Who is mr mcmahons son?

Shane McMahon !

Who sings hornswoggle's theme?

Finlay. Hornswoggle is Finlays son.

Who are vince McMahons children?

His chlidren are Shane McMahon, Stepanie McMahon and 1 son in law: Triple H, Because Triple H is married to Stepanie Mc Mahon!

Is hornswoggle finleys paternal son?

yes but hornswoggle as is mothers last name

Does Triple H hate Dave Finlays son?

Hornswoggle is not really Finlays son it is just a storyline, and No HHH doesn't hate him.

Yes or no is Vince McMahon or Finley is Hornswaes father?

no he's not mr.mcmahon's son. he's finley's son. finley knew that the whole time he just didn't tell anyone. also hornswoggle doesn't know that finley is his father.

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