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yes, but not the only factor!

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What is a geographical limit?


What is the highest and lowest geographical locations in jamacia?

Blue Mountain Peak, at 7,402-feet, is the highest geographical location in Jamaica. Blue Mountain Peak is the home of Blue Mountain coffee. The lowest geographical point is the beach on the Caribbean Sea.

What are Geographical features?

Geographical features are landforms or natural things. An example is a mountain or a lake.

Louisiana geographical features?

Driskill Mountain?

What is the average mountain temperature?

The average mountain temperature depends on which mountain it is. The average North Carolina mountain temperature is 69 degrees Fahrenheit.

What are two geographical features of Louisiana?

driskill mountain

What is the geographical region known as Deccan?

a mountain rage

What are the notable geographical features of Tasmania?

Cradle Mountain.

What were the four geographical features the mountain men discovered?

mountain passes, rivers, mountains, valleys .

Is a car a geographical feature?

No. A geographical feature would be a stream, city, mountain a road or another permanent object.

Oldest mountain in India according to geographical history?


What are the geographical features of Nepal?

himalaya mountain teria region

What kind of environment is schist formed in?

Usually in high temperature and high pressure environments associated with plate collisions and mountain building.

Will temperature be higher or lower in a mountain?

it is lower temperature when you to mountain,because its cold there

What is mountain vegetation?

Mountain Vegetation is plants growing in mountain areas (The Mountain Environment).

Characteristics of a mountain environment?


What is a mountain food web?

Answer: The foodweb of a mountain environment.

What is a famous geographical feature of California?

Sierra Nevada Mountain Range

What was ancient Athens geographical features like?

Mountain, plain, by the sea.

What is the definition of a geographical feature?

A geographical feature is a feature that is geographic, like a landform I.E lake river desert forest mountain

What is the temperature on mountains?

what temperature is in mountain Everest

What difference is there on the temperature on a mountain and on a seashore?

Sea shore temperature is affected by distance in sea and mountain temperature is affected by altitude.. Sea shore and mountain are both cool but differ in the above...

What geographical barrier is between Asia and south Asia?

a mountain called the Everest

What is the geographical definition of the word mountain?

a hill made from rock dirt and lava

Which geographical features separates Italy from the country north of it?

Mountain ranges- the Alps.