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Q: Is ICFAI university Tripura blacklisted
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Is Icfai university Tripura recognized under UGC?

why there is no ugc recognized logo in the prospectus of icfai university, tripura?

Is ICFAI university Dehradun recognised by UGC?

Yes, ICFAI University Dehradun</a> is recognised by UGC in Tripura by special amendment. ICFAI university Dehradun comes under Private Universities of Uttaranchal and is recognized by UGC under section 2(f) of UGC act 1956. [Source:]

When was Tripura University created?

Tripura University was created in 1987.

Is the flexible course on MBA offered by ICFAI has distance education council approval?

The course offered by ICFAI University, Tripura has recently been approved by Distance Education Council. Though this won't be apparent from the website, you can find the disclosure in the CPA Prgram prospectus of the University. Please down load CPA Prospectus from the ICFAI website and every thing will be clear.

Interested in distance education programs of icfai university tripura if interested contact chennai branch mrejlejo - 9940285149?

yes im interested to pursue MBA plz contact me Maria - 9962000204

World rank of ICFAI university?

The world rank of The ICFAI University,Dehradun is 8043. This is as per .

Is ICFAI a deemed university?

Not at all.

Is ICFAI university of sikkim gangtok is under UGC?

UGC has not yet cleared the programs offered by Icfai University at Sikkim

Which university is good ICFAI or Sikkim Manipal University?

WELL ICFAI is a well known university for its managament prog. Well SMU university is better known for its technical prog.

What courses does Icfai University offer?

Icfai University offers many different courses. Icfai University offers courses like mathematics, psychics, chemistry, computer programing, and many other classes where people can earn their degree.

Is icfai university raipur recognised by ugc?


Is the icfai university raipur is recognised by UGC?


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