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Q: Is Icfai hubli only distance center?
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Where is the absolute location of Hubli?

Hubli is a city located in the North Western part of Karnataka state in India. Hubli is the second most important city in Karnataka, next only to Bangalore, the state capital. Hubli is around 400kms from Bangalore. Details at Vishal Kumar N Jain.

Are students from icfai university able to apply for government jobs?

only if ur from icfai dehradun campus, you are eligible for govt. jobs else not

Is icfai gurgaon recognised by UGC?

No it is not recognized by UCG only hyderabad campus of IBS is UGC recognize..

If the surfaces of two spheres S and T with radii 7 and 12 respectively intersect at one point only then the distance between the center of sphere s and the center of sphere T is what?

The distance between the center of sphere S and the center of sphere T is 19.

Does the earth's gravity depends on the sun?

No, it depends only on Earth's mass, and our distance from Earth's center.

What shape has all points at the same distance from the center?

A circle has all of it's points the same distance from the center. For example, if you put a dot on a given point on the circumference, or outline of a circle, all the points have the same distance from the circle. This only works if you put a point on the outline or circumference of the circle.

ICFAI university LAW degree recognised by Barcouncil of India after the degree the student can enroll and parctice a advocate?

Only an integrated 5 years course of ICFAI University on BBA, LLB (Hons) is recognized by the Bar council of India . The details can be obtained from the address below. ICFAI University Rajawala Road, Central Hope Town Selaqui, Dehradun - 248197 Ph.: 0135-3246450/51 E-Mail : Official Website :

How far is China from the US?

The shortest distance between the center of the United States and the center of Mainland China is found along the Northern Alaskan / Arctic Ocean. At this heading the distance is only 7,200 miles.

How many distances of a length of a driveway?

There is only one distance - and that is the length of the driveway.There is only one distance - and that is the length of the driveway.There is only one distance - and that is the length of the driveway.There is only one distance - and that is the length of the driveway.

What is the distance from Haymarket Station to the Edinburgh city center?

Haymarket is pretty much in the city centre, you're only a 10 minute walk to Princes Street.

Why is Nevada capital city not in the center of the state?

Not all state capitals are located in the center of the state; Nevada is an example of one. States only locate their capital in the center so it will be of equal traveling distance from all areas of the state. Nevada simply saw no reason to do this and thus did not.

How do I find the distance an object is from the earth with only it's mass and weight in it's current position?

You divide the mass by the weight, to get the gravitational acceleration. Then you use the fact that this gravitational acceleration, or gravitational field, is inversely proportional to the square of the distance. The distance should be calculated from the center of the Earth.

What are the hotels providing banquets hall for Get to gather functions in Hubli?

td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}Banquets in Hubli Naveen Hotels in Hubli offer banquet halls for Meetings, video conference, Reception, wedding parties, birthdays, get to gathers. Be it a small or large function, we have an outdoor Banquet Hall designed only for special occasions. Our Lakeside Garden Banquet is of 500-seater and makes an ideal venue for Reception and Wedding parties. Enjoy with a sophisticated buffet and specialized cuisines prepared by International gourmet Chefs and served with unmatched hospitality.

Does magnitude of force gravity depends on the speed of falling ball?

No. The force depends only on the height of the ball and on the mass of the ball. The force due to the earth's gravitional field varies inversly with the distance from the center of the earth to the center of the ball.

Why gravitational force increases when you fly with supersonic speed?

Gravitational force depends only on an object's mass and its distance from the center of the earth. Its speed has no effect on the gravitational force.

How the value of g varies with altitude?

It will gradually get less, as you get higher up. To get the exact relationship, you can use the formula for gravity, or simply the inverse-square proportionality, using the distance from the center of the Earth as the distance (which is usually represented as "r" in the formula). For example, at about 6000 km from the center of the Earth (twice the distance, compared to the Earth's surface), the weight of a given mass will only be 1/4 the weight it has on the Earth's surface.

How big is the galactic center?

The Galactic centre (Galactic core) of the Milky Way Galaxy is believed to have a diameter of only 44 million kilometers yet with the mass of around 4 million Suns. This distance is equivalent to the distance from Mercury to the Sun.

Is a circle has only one center?

circleit self has 1 center

Can the center run the ball?

Yeah only if the ball is deflected to the center

What disease has a speckled ana center of cell only?

The center of a speckled cell is positive only. What conditions does this apply?

Who were the californios?

because of the great distance between California and the center of Mexico's government, by the early 1820s California had only around 3,200 colonist. These colonist were called Californios. -<33RiNABABy=]

The force between a planet and a spacecraft is 1 million newtons.What will the force be if the spacecraft moves to half its original distance from the planet?

The force is inversely proportional to the square of the distance. So, half the distance means four times the force. So, the answer is: 4 million newtons. additional note: This is true only if the distance referred to is the distance to the center of the planet or if the distance to the planet is great enough to make the radius of the planet insignificant.

How does the weight of an object affect the rate of it's fall?

It doesn't. Acceleration in gravitational field depends only on the attractor's mass and distance to its center. a = GM / r, where: G - gravitational constant, M - mass of attractor, r - distance between bodies.

How do you find the center of rotation?

you can find center of earth by using only the formulas

What is the definition of single-center study?

The study which conducted at only one center.